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The decease of Dr Michael Mosley is genuinely a nationalist calamity (Michael Mosley: TV presenter recovered dormant connected Greek island, woman confirms, 9 June). During each my 50-plus years arsenic a practising physician, I person ne'er met a expert who amended melded nan creation and subject of medicine pinch nan azygous purpose of improving nan wellness of his chap citizens.

Listening to nan paean of praise from a former, antecedently obese MP connected really Dr Mosley radically changed his life for nan amended and cured his type 2 glucosuria was electrifying, and I cognize that location are thousands much grateful members of nan nationalist whose lives person been dramatically improved by pursuing his advice. He was a very different doctor, 1 who had each nan skills basal to alteration quality behaviour for nan better, by measurable means, and that is simply a very uncommon gift indeed.

I propose that an enduring bequest should beryllium established, opening pinch his aureate words of proposal being included successful nan program of each superior schoolhouse successful Britain, arsenic a instruction called “Just 1 thing”.

The imaginable of British younker is presently nether threat from divers sources arsenic ne'er before. “Just 1 thing” is an involution that would positively use nan life of each schoolchild, and could besides widen into adulthood if adequately funded and monitored.

At a clip erstwhile nan parlous authorities of nan NHS is simply a disgrace, conscionable 1 much point could easy thief to reverse nan odds.
Sam Ramsay Smith
Castell de Ferro, Granada, Spain

I was very sad to perceive of nan decease of Michael Mosley, and work together pinch nan galore who person praised his skills arsenic a broadcaster and promoter of elemental “do this astatine home” interventions to forestall unwellness and heighten wellbeing, peculiarly done his Just One Thing programmes(Michael Mosley: TV presenter recovered dormant connected Greek island, woman confirms, 9 June). I wonderment if it mightiness beryllium feasible to build connected that exemplary arsenic a measurement of remembering his name. Ideas could beryllium submitted by members of nan nationalist to an master panel, which could measure their feasibility and value.

For example, for a while now I’ve been practising motionless exercising while travelling by bus. You guidelines successful nan abstraction successful beforehand of nan buggy park, put your arms astir nan vertical cushioned remainder successful front, but don’t clasp it, aliases moreover touch it. You past effort to enactment that measurement arsenic nan autobus moves off, speeds up, turns and stops, utilizing your tummy muscles, limb muscles and feet to enactment upright and unsupported. Of course, if you person to, you move your feet, aliases moreover grasp nan rest. So it’s perfectly safe, but still a challenge, astatine slightest for this septuagenarian. I wonderment what Dr Mosley would person thought.
Steve Turner

Dr Michael Mosley has done much to alteration my mundane life than immoderate different broadcaster. Every greeting I do a short regular including balancing connected 1 limb and plank. I joined U3A to study Latin pursuing his proposal to study a language. I practise Latin each day, and regularly be different U3A groups. Most recently, I person discovered nan joyousness of greenish tea, reducing my caffeine intake.
Olwen Poulter

To honour Michael Mosley, today I will guidelines connected 1 leg, drink a glass of h2o pinch my meals, eat a reddish apple, and person an afternoon nap. I’ll miss him.
Nell Napier
Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire

I was desperately sad to perceive of Michael Mosley’s death. He was an irrepressible and inspirational fig and, though I ne'er met him, I consciousness for illustration I’ve mislaid a friend. He leaves down a corpus of penning and TV programmes of immense value, which has helped galore group amended their health, peculiarly successful narration to obesity and type 2 diabetes. I can’t ideate what his family are going through. I dream they find immoderate solace successful their condolences astatine knowing really overmuch he and his activity meant to group specified arsenic myself.
Dr Martin Treacy
Cardigan, Ceredigion

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