More tax cuts, fewer green policies: key takeaways from the Tories’ manifesto

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The 80 pages of nan Conservative predetermination manifesto are here, and while location was not overmuch unexpected policy-wise, nan archive and Rishi Sunak’s motorboat reside did supply immoderate clues arsenic to nan party’s strategy and direction. Here are immoderate cardinal points.

  1. 1. Tax cuts, again

    The overriding taxable of nan manifesto and nan motorboat – and, indeed, of nan full Tory run – has been an effort to opposition promised taxation cuts pinch nan idea, however contested, of Labour taxation rises.

    The manifesto frankincense produced nan mini-surprise of a promise to abolish nationalist security contributions (NICs) for self-employed people, positive nan briefed-out scheme to trim 2p much from NICs for employed workers, and nan somewhat vaguer committedness to yet shape retired NICs “when it is affordable to do so”.

    While location were different pre-billed cuts, for illustration to stamp work and a higher period for kid benefits, location was thing connected inheritance tax, arsenic sought by immoderate Tory MPs.

  2. 2. No rabbit, nary hat

    While 1 Tory spinner made nan reasonable constituent that nan intent of a manifesto is not simply to astonishment journalists, galore of Sunak’s MPs might person been hoping for thing bold, thing that could drawback attention, aliases moreover amended displacement nan polling dial.

    Whether aliases not that was a realistic hope, nan only half-surprises came pinch NICs, positive a fewer specifications specified arsenic nan expanded lodging target of 1.6m caller homes being built successful nan adjacent parliament, and a revised type of nan thief to bargain scheme.

    Many of nan main argumentation offerings, however, had been good trailed successful advance, for illustration nan promise to boost defence spending to 2.5% of GDP, nan scheme for a caller shape of nationalist work for young group and a statutory headdress connected migration numbers.

    One absence was immoderate caller policy, aliases moreover caller language, connected nan UK perchance leaving nan European normal connected quality rights, different inquire from rightwing Tories.

  3. 3. A populist blueprint

    Some rightwing Tories mightiness position nan manifesto arsenic cautious and limp, but nan signs of Sunak and his ministers trying to caput disconnected nan threat from Nigel Farage and Reform UK are evident passim nan document.

    The bulk of nan conception connected nett zero is aimed astatine watering down aliases caveating greenish plans, pinch a promise to enforce nary caller biology levies aliases a predominant flyer tax. Another portion of nan manifesto promises to clamp down moreover harder connected protests.

    There is besides a agelong conception outlining nan party’s proposals connected gender identity, which astatine conscionable complete 400 words is 4 times arsenic agelong arsenic nan full conception connected societal care. The word “poverty” gets only 1 mention, successful narration to world aid.

  4. 4. Policy re-treads

    When it came to pending legislation, nan Conservatives appeared arsenic amazed arsenic anyone that they had conscionable called an election, and respective policies personally linked to Sunak grounded to make it, including a gradual prohibition connected baccy and a crackdown connected vape sales, positive making maths study mandatory to 18.

    Others fallen bills would beryllium resurrected, specified arsenic nan long-delayed scheme to prohibition no-fault evictions from residential properties, and betterment of nan leasehold system.

    Those return successful nan manifesto arsenic does, obviously, nan Rwanda deportation plan, pinch a committedness to statesman a “regular hit of flights each month, starting this July” – moreover if Sunak declined to opportunity really galore asylum seekers would beryllium deported.

  5. 5. But not everything makes it

    One long-held Tory thought that has not been revived is nan prohibition connected alleged conversion therapies. While saying they are “abhorrent”, nan manifesto adds: “But authorities astir conversion practices is simply a very analyzable issue, pinch existing criminal rule already offering robust protections.”

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