My husband wants a manual car. I’d feel calmer driving an automatic. Should he change gear?

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The prosecution: Julia

I passed my trial 14 years ago, but haven’t driven overmuch since – and only ever an automatic

Both my husband, Johnny, and I tin thrust manual cars, but we disagree complete whether we should get a manual aliases an automatic for our first family car.

We person a nine-month-old baby, Rowena, and aft years of not owning a car we person decided that we tin nary longer spell without one. I consciousness powerfully that we should bargain an automatic, whereas Johnny thinks a manual would beryllium better. His main statement is that it’s acold cheaper to bargain a manual. Since we person conscionable had a baby, money is tight. Looking astatine prices, location is simply a big difference (it’s astir £3,000 betwixt a manual and nan automatic car I would like) truthful I don’t disagree pinch him there.

But I’m a caller mum and worth comfortableness and ease. It’s besides a mobility of confidence. I americium pinch Rowena astatine location astir of nan time, but erstwhile I do want to drive, I don’t want to consciousness for illustration I’m trapped because I’m frightened of my car. I passed my trial 14 years ago, erstwhile I was 18, and since past I person only driven connected and off, and ever successful an automatic, isolated from erstwhile pinch a friend’s car connected a play away. I hated each nan changeless cogwheel switching, and I don’t want to spell backmost to that.

Johnny says driving a manual is “like riding a motorcycle – you don’t forget”, but I deliberation I person forgotten. I would person to person lessons again and that would besides beryllium a discarded of money.

We unrecorded successful a large city. If we had an automatic, I would consciousness much relaxed arsenic I wouldn’t person nan accent of changeless cogwheel shifting successful slow traffic.

Besides, our babe will often beryllium successful nan car. I judge my consciousness of wellbeing and her information are paramount, truthful if I’m not comfortable getting into a manual, I don’t deliberation I should beryllium forced to do so just to prevention a fewer grand.

Though we would beryllium sharing nan car, Johnny would beryllium driving it more: he will usage it each time to commute, truthful he thinks he should person a bigger say. But my sentiment counts arsenic it’s still a shared car. We stock chores beautiful well, but if I don’t for illustration nan car, it will put nan load of driving connected Johnny. If he’s happy pinch that, past fine, but I know aft a while it will grate connected him.

The defence: Johnny

A manual car will costs america thousands little – and they are easier and cheaper to maintain, too

Most group successful nan UK thrust a manual transmission car, truthful if we get one, we won’t beryllium successful nan minority. Julia thinks it’s little modern to ain a manual but that’s not true. We don’t unrecorded successful nan US aliases Australia, wherever manual cars are not that common. It’s still really normal here.

Manual cars are easier to travel by in the secondhand car world, excessively – it seems for illustration there’s ever a bully woody to beryllium had. And now we person Rowena, I’m keen to prevention money wherever we can. The make of car we want will costs america thousands little successful a manual than nan automatic. Manual cars are besides mostly little attraction than automatics, and you person greater power erstwhile you’re driving.

I deliberation it makes for a amended driving experience. In my mind, you’re not a “real” driver unless you tin maestro a manual arsenic good arsenic an automatic. I cognize that’s not strictly existent but it’s what my dada taught maine erstwhile I was learning to drive, and it’s conscionable really I feel. Maybe it’s a man thing.

I passed my trial erstwhile I was 18, the same property as Julia, but arsenic I person been driving non-stop since then, I don’t really consciousness a deficiency of confidence. Julia is simply a very bully driver and she wouldn’t request much lessons, but I would beryllium happy to return her retired and refresh her skills earlier she hops successful the driving seat.

I deliberation she is panicking because her driving is simply a spot rusty, but that is an easy fix. It’s not nan extremity of nan world if we person to get her a fewer lessons, and that would still beryllium overmuch cheaper than getting an automatic. Also, because I’m nan 1 who will beryllium driving it each day, Julia doesn’t request to panic astir it yet.

Yes, we would some person entree to nan car, but she wouldn’t thrust it overmuch arsenic she’s still connected maternity time off and would conscionable usage it astatine weekends and successful nan evenings. I would return her out, pinch Rowena, and build up her assurance erstwhile she’s driving. Overall we would prevention thousands of pounds and it would beryllium mostly my car, truthful it conscionable makes much consciousness to person a manual. To maine it’s a no-brainer.

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The assemblage of Guardian readers

Should Johnny get backmost successful his lane?

Oh Johnny, is this really nan elevation you’ve chosen: “Real drivers thrust manuals”? Right now, nan superior interest is really comfortable and safe your woman feels driving nan car and nan autonomy she’ll have. Don’t make her trust connected you to thrust her astir – that measurement resentment lies.
Tonia, 47

Johnny makes immoderate valid points, but he mislaid maine pinch nan “man thing”. Now that he has a baby, it’s clip to see nan feelings of his partner. The past point she needs pinch a young kid is worrying astir nan complexities of a manual gear box.
John, 67

It feels arsenic if Johnny is brushing disconnected Julia’s worries. She should beryllium capable to return her kid retired connected her ain and consciousness assured doing it. It’s unacceptable for him to limit her independency and freedom conscionable to prevention a fewer 1000  pounds.
Hannah, 27

I deliberation Julia should brave a manual car. It will return astir apt 2 hours of lessons for her to get her assurance back, which will costs overmuch little than £3,000. I work together pinch Johnny’s dad: you’re not a existent driver unless you can drive a manual.
Bola, 32

Automatics are a batch smoother and much pleasurable to drive. You don’t want to beryllium stalling each complete nan shop pinch a babe successful nan car. Drop nan cash, Johnny – it will beryllium worthy it successful nan end.
Mike, 62

Now you beryllium nan judge

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