New Frank Hester race claims pile pressure on Tories over £15m donations

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The Conservative statement is facing questions complete its determination to support much than £15m fixed by its biggest ever donor, Frank Hester, aft erstwhile labor made a bid of caller allegations.

Hester is alleged to person referred to a unit personnel arsenic nan “token Muslim”, imitated group of Chinese descent and remarked that 1 individual was charismatic for a achromatic woman, according to erstwhile labor who said to nan Guardian.

More than a twelve erstwhile staffers told nan Guardian of claims that Hester many times made comments astir title aliases belief successful nan workplace aliases connected a activity trip, including successful caller years.

The claims will heap unit connected Rishi Sunak aft it was confirmed connected Thursday that Hester had fixed a further £5m to nan Tories done his healthcare tech company, nan Phoenix Partnership (TPP). It brings nan full donated by Hester to much than £15m successful a year, equating to much than 40% of nan full nationalist spending limit for each statement successful nan wide election.

Graph of donations to nan Conservative party: Frank Hester and different donors

All nan allegations were put to Hester. He did not respond to nan claims.

In narration to nan caller claims, a Conservative spokesperson said nan statement considered nan matter “resolved” arsenic Hester had antecedently apologised for past remarks astir Diane Abbott, which were wide condemned arsenic racist and misogynistic.

Earlier this year, Sunak resisted calls to return nan £10m Hester and his patient initially donated, pinch 1 of his ministers saying nan 2019 comments were made “half a decade ago”.

But successful nan past six months, erstwhile TPP unit person spoken to nan Guardian astir Hester’s alleged workplace behaviour complete a number of years.

Two ex-employees described Hester talking astir an individual astatine a edifice successful 2021 and saying she was charismatic for a achromatic woman. The remark was allegedly made during a activity travel successful London.

Other erstwhile workers claimed Hester would usage a Chinese accent and squint his eyes to constrictive them successful bid to imitate group of Chinese practice while astatine TPP’s office successful Leeds.

“He was going connected a travel to China and he would propulsion his eyes and say, ‘when are we adjacent going to China?’ successful beforehand of Chinese colleagues. You felt for illustration you couldn’t opportunity anything,” 1 erstwhile staffer claimed.

Another individual who worked betwixt 2019 and 2020 astatine TPP, which holds multimillion-pound exertion contracts pinch nan NHS and Department of Health, alleged: “I heard Frank connected respective occasions usage a mocking Chinese accent erstwhile saying definite phrases aliases repeating thing an Asian workfellow had said.

“It felt humiliating to beryllium truthful evidently othered successful beforehand of a ample group. This was behaviour I mightiness person expected successful a 70s schoolhouse playground, not from nan CEO of a high-value institution astatine nan bosom of nan NHS.”

Another ex-employee said: “I worked astatine TPP for astir a twelvemonth and connected respective occasions Frank would imitate a racist caricature of Chinese people, complete pinch an exaggerated accent, squinted eyes and a toothy grin.”

Five ex-employees besides alleged Hester referred many times to 1 worker arsenic nan “token Muslim” for respective years up to astir 2016, owing to him being 1 of nan only Muslims who worked astatine TPP astatine nan time.

One claimed: “He’d often talked astir personification successful nan institution being for illustration nan token Muslim,”, and different erstwhile worker alleged: “There was a ‘token Muslim’ … he was nan nicest feline successful nan world. He would person taken it arsenic a joke. Not that that makes it right.”

Three erstwhile workers said of Hester having asked for “brown” group to spell connected a activity travel to India successful precocious 2013 to early 2014.

“He was going connected a waste and acquisition ngo to India. And he came into nan room and said he didn’t person capable ‘brown faces’ to return pinch him. So tin each nan brownish faces please volunteer,” an ex-staffer claimed.

Another erstwhile worker alleged that successful precocious 2013 they were assigned by Hester to activity successful India because of their taste background. They said Hester told them they had been picked “because you are a spot … tinged”.

They claimed that successful early 2014, Hester said a caller workfellow had been hired because “he’s achromatic but he looks much Indian. So we each cognize what task he’ll beryllium going on.” The erstwhile worker said they felt that “it was clear that Frank was aligning group to projects based solely connected tegument colour”.

In March, nan Guardian reported that Hester had told colleagues that seeing Abbott, Britain’s longest-standing achromatic MP, connected TV made “you want to dislike each achromatic women”. He later apologised for making “rude” remarks but denied they were motivated by title aliases gender, saying he “abhorred racism”.

The revelation led to cross-party calls for Sunak to return £10m successful donations from Hester, which had been made nationalist astatine that time. West Yorkshire constabulary launched an investigation into “racist comments which were allegedly made astatine a meeting” by Hester, aft it received a title from Abbott. The unit confirmed this week nan enquiry was ongoing.

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Reports of a further £5m aid emerged later successful March. Data released connected Thursday confirmed Hester had fixed a further £5m done TPP successful January this year, and that nan Conservative statement accepted another £150,000 from TPP 3 days aft nan Guardian revealed Hester’s remarks astir Abbott.

Abbott said news that nan Conservatives had accepted different £5m from Hester was “an insult” to her “and each achromatic women”.

The Guardian previously reported that successful 2019 Hester called each his “foreign” workers together to take sides himself against online claims that he had made racist remarks. During this meeting, he said he abhorred racism and told his squad their advancement would not beryllium “based connected nan colour of your skin, your ethnicity, wherever your parents are from”.

However, he besides said: “We return nan piss retired of nan truth that each our Chinese girls beryllium together successful Asian corner.” During nan same, crowded gathering astatine TPP’s Leeds headquarters, he asked if location was “no room for nan Indians” and suggested unit climb connected a train roof, earlier adding that he made “a batch of jokes astir racism, astir our different creeds and cultures. But I conscionable want to guarantee you that it is conscionable nan astir abhorrent thing.”

Hester gave his ain meaning of racism astatine nan meeting, saying: “For me, racism is conscionable a hatred and a fearfulness of nan other. For me, it is conscionable precisely nan aforesaid arsenic homophobia – it’s not constricted to nan colour of your skin, it is not constricted to religion, it tin conscionable beryllium nan state adjacent door, it tin conscionable beryllium nan region adjacent door. It tin beryllium northerners and southerners, which we person here.”

Equality campaigners criticised Sunak’s nonaccomplishment to return Hester’s donations astatine nan time, saying an “increasingly normalised civilization of racism … has been allowed to fester” nether nan government.

The Operation Black Vote leader, Simon Woolley, arsenic good arsenic nan Runnymede Trust and nan Muslim Council of Britain were among those to motion a missive saying: “The aid of £10m to nan Conservative statement by Mr Hester and his institution … becomes a matter of ethical interest and raises questions astir nan integrity and values that nan statement wishes to uphold.”

Contact nan squad securely: create a Protonmail relationship and email america astatine; aliases usage Signal Messenger aliases WhatsApp to connection +44 7824 537227.

In consequence to nan caller allegations, Anneliese Dodds, nan Labour statement chair, said it showed Hester had a “historical record” of making unacceptable comments.

“Rishi Sunak had nan chance to trim ties pinch Frank Hester months ago, but alternatively accepted further donations from a man who is nether investigation from nan constabulary for racist remarks. He moreover told nan House of Commons he was pleased to person Frank Hester’s support.

“Sunak must return nan money and get a grip connected nan utmost views which look to beryllium tolerated wrong his party.”

The Conservative statement did not straight reside questions astir what owed diligence, if any, it carried retired into Hester earlier accepting further donations from him.

A spokesperson said: “Mr Hester has rightly apologised for comments made successful nan past. Mr Hester has apologised and shown contrition and we see nan matter resolved.

“The Conservative statement is funded by membership, fundraising and donations. All reportable donations are decently and transparently declared to nan Electoral Commission, published by them, and comply afloat pinch nan law. Indeed, specified observations tin beryllium made astir who our donors are, precisely because our donations are transparently published.

“Fundraising is simply a morganatic portion of nan antiauthoritarian process. The replacement is payer backing of governmental campaigning, which would mean little money for frontline services for illustration schools and hospitals – aliases being successful nan pouch of nan waste and acquisition unions, for illustration nan Labour party.”

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