Nigel Slater’s recipes for grilled potatoes with curry yoghurt sauce, and pea croquettes

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There are plump, crumb-coated croquettes of peas and tarragon waiting to popular into sizzling lipid and slices of potato, partially cooked and fresh to toast nether nan grill. The pea croquettes will beryllium connected a tangle of pea shoots and herbs. The potatoes will get a condiment of sweet, aureate onion, curry paste and yoghurt. Both are nan benignant of recipes you tin hole successful advance, leaving only nan cooking to nan past minute.

The croquettes, large fat fritters of peas and tarragon, person a backmost statement of wasabi. The mild power flatters nan peas and unexpectedly brings nan tarragon to nan fore. Ideally, its beingness is mildly felt, but you tin adhd much aliases little arsenic nan fancy takes you.

Equally, nan curry paste successful nan yoghurt condiment tin susurration aliases singing arsenic loudly arsenic you wish. I chose a mild paste pinch a hint of herb and paprika whose somewhat sour notes make nan look dance. The important item is not to fto it boil erstwhile you person stirred successful nan yoghurt.

Much of my eating is successful this style astatine nan moment. The dishes I find myself drawn to tin beryllium partially made earlier successful nan day, leaving only a small last-minute cooking. They are important capable to beryllium a ray main people aliases useful arsenic an accompaniment. Relaxed cooking for beautiful overmuch immoderate occasion.

Grilled potatoes pinch curry yoghurt sauce

Use your favoured curry paste here. (I utilized a bhuna paste, which lent a flimsy tart and steaming value to nan sauce.) Serves 4. Ready successful 45 minutes

potatoes 400g, medium-sized
curry leaves 30
onion 1, large
ground nut aliases vegetable oil 3 tbsp, positive a small extra
mild curry paste 1-2 tbsp
yoghurt 250ml

Bring a heavy cookware of h2o to nan boil, past brackish it generously. Peel nan potatoes, past adhd them, whole, to nan water. Let them navigator for astir 15 minutes aliases until they are tender capable to pierce easy pinch a metallic skewer. Remove nan potatoes from nan h2o and group speech to cool a little.

Warm nan lipid successful a shallow pan, scatter successful half nan curry leaves, fry for a infinitesimal aliases 2 until almost crisp, past region from nan cookware pinch a draining spoon and group aside.

Peel nan onion, portion it thinly, past operation it into nan remaining lipid successful nan shallow pan. Let it navigator complete a debased to mean power for 15 minutes aliases so, stirring from clip to time, until soft and ray gold.

Line a baking expanse pinch room foil and preheat an overhead (oven) grill. Cut nan potatoes into slices, each astir nan thickness of a mates of £1 coins. Place them level connected nan baking sheet. Brush each portion pinch a small groundnut aliases rootlike oil, past play lightly pinch brackish and navigator nether nan preheated grill until they commencement to colour.

Scatter nan remaining curry leaves into nan bulb and fto them navigator for a infinitesimal aliases two. When they darken, operation successful nan curry paste. Continue cooking for a mates of minutes until nan bulb is coated pinch nan paste and very fragrant, past operation successful nan yoghurt and region from nan heat.

When nan potatoes are aureate and sizzling, service pinch nan curry condiment and scatter pinch nan reserved curry leaves.

Pea and wasabi croquettes pinch pea shoots

 pea and wasabi croquettes pinch pea shoots.
Golden wonder: pea and wasabi croquettes pinch pea shoots. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin/The Observer

Tarragon and peas pinch nan warm, gentle backmost statement of wasabi. Make judge to chill nan substance thoroughly earlier shaping nan croquettes and move them mildly successful nan cookware utilizing a palette knife. Makes 8. Serves 2. Ready successful 30 minutes, positive chilling time

shelled peas 500g, caller aliases frozen
tarragon 15g
wasabi paste 2-3 tsp
butter 40g
egg yolks 2
breadcrumbs 40g, dry, achromatic specified arsenic panko

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To overgarment and fry:
eggs 2
breadcrumbs 4 ample handfuls
vegetable aliases groundnut oil to shallow fry

To serve:
pea shoots, mint and coriander a handful
olive lipid a little
lemon juice a little

Put a heavy cookware of h2o connected to boil and brackish it lightly. When it is boiling, extremity successful nan peas and fto them navigator for astir 4 minutes, a small longer for caller peas, past drain them. Strip nan tarragon leaves from their stems. You will extremity up pinch astir 10g.

Tip nan cooked peas into nan vessel of a nutrient processor and trim to a heavy purée, past adhd nan tarragon leaves and nan butter. Beat nan ovum yolks, past operation them into nan puréed peas together pinch nan wasabi, breadcrumbs and a generous seasoning of salt. Transfer to a mixing bowl, screen and time off to chill.

Gently style nan pea substance into 8 barrel-shaped croquettes. (A small flour connected your hands will make this easier.)

Break nan eggs into a shallow crockery and hit lightly pinch a fork. Put nan breadcrumbs into a 2nd shallow crockery aliases heavy plate. Lower nan croquettes, 1 by one, into nan beaten egg, past into nan breadcrumbs. Pat firmly to thief nan crumbs instrumentality to nan croquettes, past assistance them retired connected to a baking sheet.

Warm a 1cm heavy furniture of rootlike aliases groundnut lipid successful a shallow pan. Keeping astatine a mean heat, little nan croquettes into nan lipid and fry for a fewer minutes until nan underside is aureate and crisp. Gently move them and navigator nan different sides, past region and drain connected room paper.

Toss together nan pea shoots, mint and coriander leaves, dress pinch a small oliva lipid and lemon, past nestle nan croquettes among them.

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