Notes on chocolate: a creamy, dreamy combo that will have you melting

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Sometimes you travel crossed a cocoa truthful delicious it’s a existent trial of emotion to stock it astatine all. However, if you don’t for illustration beverage cocoa and nuts, past astir apt champion you don’t publication this.

Melt Chocolate makes its cocoa successful London’s celebrated Notting Hill. I grew up down nan road, truthful I cognize this area for illustration nan proverbial backmost of my manus (could you prime your manus retired of a lineup though? That’s nan question) It ever makes maine laughter erstwhile I spell successful there, though, arsenic I americium invariably ignored, which is simply a shame, as… well… you know. I find a batch of nan shops astir location are really snooty and I’m not easy to snoot on, but I’m decidedly not 1 of nan Notting Hill group and, mercifully, ne'er person been, truthful possibly that’s why. But I’m not going to fto a small froideur power me.

Anyway, Melt has immoderate caller bars, successful beautiful packaging, and they person my sanction each complete them. Creamy, dreamy 38% beverage cocoa stuffed afloat of nutty praline successful pistachio, hazelnut, peanut aliases almond versions. I tried nan past 2 and I couldn’t really show them isolated (the shame), but that didn’t matter arsenic they were some awesome (peanut had nan separator perhaps). These aren’t inexpensive bars – sorry – £14.99/90g, but past W11 rents don’t travel cheap.

If you’ve sewage nan money and are connected their site, do look astatine nan chocolate-coated nuts, £25.99/250g. These tubs person minimal soul packaging and are really stuffed full. I loved nan beverage chocolate-covered caramelised almonds, but if achromatic cocoa and pistachio is your thing, past do peruse, arsenic they are coloured ray greenish and very pretty. A awesome point to return to a meal party.

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