NxWorries: Why Lawd? review – Anderson .Paak takes his divorce really badly

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While nan 2nd outing for Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge’s two-man supergroup NxWorries recaptures nan soft-edged nostalgia-funk sound of their 2016 debut Yes Lawd!, nan lyrical vibe is overmuch darker and much uncertain. It’s Paak’s first medium since splitting from Jaylyn Chang, his woman of 13 years and mother of his 2 children, and nan singer/rapper is heavy successful nan slough of divorcee despondency – wildly switching moods betwixt anger, self-pity and hopeless horniness.

 Why Lawd? medium cover
The artwork for Why Lawd?

Why Lawd? plays for illustration a 21st-century update of Here, My Dear, Marvin Gaye’s notoriously bitter farewell to ex-wife Anna Gordy. But while Paak’s leathery, weathered vocal is soulful, he is an unlikable narrator. He is adept astatine charting his ain heartache, moaning “I can’t do nan aforesaid things I utilized to do” connected MoveOn. But it’s harder to empathise pinch his whining astir prenups, his snarls of “Bitch, you expected to beryllium pinch me” (KeepHer), and his calling his caller woman a “dumb bitch” arsenic he fumes complete his ex’s societal media activity. Paak’s disfigured spite quickly wears retired its invited – moreover his mum sounds saturated of her offspring’s sour self-pity connected MoreOfIt.

Knxwledge’s dulcet productions keeps things sweet, stitching together Stylistics sitars and shimmering, Georgie Fame sound-beds to sculpt a dreamy 70s psyche sound. And erstwhile Paak stumbles upon a uncommon infinitesimal of affectional clarity, singing “I understand it was my ain responsibility / I had to find retired for myself” connected SheUsed, it’s a genuinely moving moment. But mostly, you’ll beryllium taking his ex’s broadside passim Why Lawd?, which astir apt isn’t what Paak intended.

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