Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages

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Israeli attacks successful cardinal Gaza killed scores of Palestinians, galore of them civilians, connected Saturday amid a typical forces cognition to free 4 hostages held there, pinch nan decease toll sparking world outrage.

The EU’s apical diplomat, Josep Borrell, called it a “massacre”, while nan UN’s assistance main described successful schematic item scenes of “shredded bodies connected nan ground”.

“Nuseirat exile campy is nan epicentre of nan seismic trauma that civilians successful Gaza proceed to suffer,” Martin Griffiths said successful a station connected X, calling for a ceasefire and nan merchandise of each hostages.

The bodies of 109 Palestinians including 23 children and 11 women were taken to al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital, which besides treated much than 100 wounded, a spokesperson, Khalil Degran, told AP.

He besides said much than 100 group killed successful Israeli attacks had been taken to al-Awda hospital, pinch 210 victims successful total. That fig was besides fixed by nan Hamas media office, but could not beryllium verified.

The Israeli subject spokesperson R Adm Daniel Hagari confirmed connected Saturday that dozens of Palestinians had been killed. He knew that “under 100” casualties had been reported, but could not opportunity really galore were civilians, he told a briefing.

The rescue ambush was Israel’s largest specified cognition of nan war, freeing Noa Argamani, 25, Almog Meir Jan, 21, Andrey Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 40. All 4 were patient and were reunited pinch their families connected Saturday aft aesculapian tests.

While Israelis celebrated their return, Palestinians successful Gaza mourned nan galore dead, aliases watched complete injured loved ones successful nan overcrowded al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital.

One activity of dense Israeli bombing successful Nuseirat was launched to unafraid nan transition of nan 3 men, who had been held together. Argamani was rescued alone, from a abstracted location.

The typical forces squad extracting antheral hostages was confronted by militants, Israel’s Channel 12 tv reported, and erstwhile a rescue conveyance sewage stuck, called successful backup from Israel’s airforce and different troops successful nan area. They escaped nether dense bombardment, nan study said.

Special forces operated nether dense occurrence successful a “complex municipality environment” to transportation retired nan rescue, nan Israeli defence minister, Yoav Gallant, said, describing it arsenic 1 of nan astir bonzer operations he had seen successful a decades-long subject career.

Israel’s premier minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said nan ambush – only nan 3rd successful subject rescue of nan warfare – was impervious “Israel does not surrender to terrorism”. He has agelong insisted that subject unit is nan champion measurement to guarantee nan return of each Israelis captured connected 7 October.

But beyond Israel, nan hostages’ joyful reunions pinch their families were overshadowed by nan scary astatine really galore group were killed successful Gaza during nan cognition to unafraid their release.

Borrell, successful a station connected X condemned “in nan strongest position … reports from Gaza of different massacre of civilians”. He called for a ceasefire and nan merchandise of each remaining hostages. “The bloodbath must extremity immediately,” he said.

As nan warfare drags connected into its ninth month, Netanyahu has travel nether expanding world unit to work together a ceasefire woody and home unit to unafraid nan return of each Israelis still held successful Gaza.

The rescue cognition whitethorn springiness Netanyahu impermanent alleviation astatine home. After nan news broke, his governmental rival Benny Gantz, a information furniture member, delayed a reside planned for Saturday evening. He had been wide expected to denote he was leaving nan government, having fixed Netanyahu an ultimatum to shape a semipermanent scheme for Gaza.

But hostages’ families were speedy to repetition their demands for a ceasefire woody to merchandise their loved ones, saying successful a connection connected Saturday evening that nan subject could not bring backmost each of those still held captive.

“The hostages don’t person time. We can’t free everyone successful operations, and we must spell for a woody that will prevention lives,” said Ayala Metzger, nan daughter-in-law of nan hostage Yoram Metzger, 80, who this week was announced to person died successful captivity.

Israelis observe aft 4 hostages taken from Nova show rescued successful Gaza – video report

Israeli forces person now freed 7 hostages, but nan mostly of those who are now backmost location were handed complete nether a impermanent ceasefire woody past November. There are still 120 held successful Gaza, astatine slightest a 3rd of them presumed dead.

A spokesperson for Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, Hamas’s equipped brigades, Abu Ubaida, besides claimed immoderate Israeli hostages had been killed during nan rescue raid, without giving grounds aliases details.

Internationally, nan decease toll successful Gaza whitethorn isolate Netanyahu further, and springiness further weight to calls for a halt to fighting.

US intelligence was reportedly progressive successful supporting nan Israeli mission, and nan president, Joe Biden, welcomed nan return of nan 4 hostages, but besides said efforts to scope a woody to halt nan warfare and unafraid nan return of everyone held successful Gaza would continue.

He has personally pushed difficult for an statement and apparently been disappointment by guidance successful nan Israeli government, suggesting successful a caller question and reply that Netanyahu whitethorn beryllium prolonging nan warfare to protect his individual governmental interests.

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