Pink Lady food photographer of the year 2024

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  • BLT contemplation

    Delaney McQuown says: ‘This photograph is portion of my ongoing self-portrait project, urging women to find liberation done unidealised self-images. Excessive self-documentation fosters familiarity, enabling women to beryllium unapologetically successful photos. Capturing myself eating a BLT without inhibition felt fitting, fixed nan analyzable relationships women often person pinch their bodies and food. I’m passionate astir women embracing their cameras, starring to liberation and self-love.’ Category: Claire Aho grant for women photographers

    A female successful glasses pinch a bath towel wrapped information her hairsbreadth sits eating a sandwich connected her thigh adjacent to a large, condensation-streaked window
  • Mangrove fisherman

    A Burmese fisherman attempts to make a drawback successful a mangrove forest. Category: Food successful nan field

    A fisherman successful a straw chapeau and saffron yellowish trousers leans complete nan h2o from nan prow if his vessel successful a mangrove forest, steadying himself pinch an oar successful 1 manus and a conception of semi-submerged sportfishing cage successful nan other. Rays of nan sun watercourse successful from nan apical near of nan image
  • It’s raining cake, Hallelujah!

    A ceremony of barroom pinch My Little Cake Tin’s colourful, edible floral decorations. Styled by Tarunima Sinha. Category: Tiptree barroom award

    Three multi-tiered ceremony cakes topped pinch red, yellowish and pinkish flowers pinch a gust of petals flying captured successful mid-air
  • Tribal farmers trading fruit

    Boats instrumentality retired crossed a lake, creating a floating marketplace trading an array of caller fruits specified arsenic jackfruit, pineapple and mango each greeting successful Rangamati, Bangladesh. Category: unearthed® nutrient for sale

    Tightly packed, elongated boats filled pinch yellowish and greenish fruits instrumentality retired crossed a agelong of blue-green lake
  • Summer nectarine and lavender tart

    ‘The smell of lavender successful my plot inspired maine to create this photo,’ says Barbora Baretic. ‘I judge nan juicy nectarines complement nan lavender good and nan colours are complementary too: purple and yellow.’ Category: Food stylist award

    An orange-coloured nectarine tart scattered pinch purple lavender buds connected a rustic woody surface
  • Care

    Min Liu says: ‘I witnessed a heartwarming infinitesimal while capturing a wedding, wherever a man was serving nutrient to nan aged man astatine his side.’ The image was taken successful Xifeng district, Qingyang City, Gansu province, China Category: Pink Lady nutrient photographer of nan twelvemonth (China)

    A group of older group eating astatine a information array pinch a bride and groom connected a shape pinch a microphone successful nan background
  • Autumn Cocktail

    A female preparing an autumn cocktail pinch pumpkin juice and maple syrup. Category: MPB grant for innovation

    Hands pouring pumpkin juice and maple syrup into a solid from a tallness utilizing a mini jug and solid ladle. There are candles, walnuts, figs and leaves connected nan table
  • Fisherman

    A man trading nan drawback of nan time successful nan vibrant caller marketplace successful Pondicherry, India. Category: On nan phone

    A man seated pinch ample tubs and trays filled pinch food and squid successful a marketplace successful Pondicherry, India.
  • Pork, laughter, and reddish wine

    Chef Antón bids farewell to his beloved restaurant, aft 30 years of service, inviting family and friends to a elemental feast of pig liver pinch onions, served pinch sourdough breadstuff and a good Rioja. Category: Food astatine nan table

    A top-down position of nan hands of 2 group astatine a array pinch plates of nutrient and nan remains of nan main crockery successful a frying cookware successful nan centre
  • Chestnut season

    ’Chestnuts symbolise autumn harvest,’ says nan photographer Tailai O’Brien. ‘In our family, pinch beardown Celtic roots, they are considered guardians of men and animals. The ancient chestnut roaster is simply a family heirloom and a motion to our farming heritage. The crested dove symbolises harmony and virility. Chestnuts are highly nutritious and a delicious nutrient for celebrations.’ Category: Hotel Art Group pick of nan crop

    A crested dove sitting connected an ancient chestnut roaster against a achromatic background
  • Harvest successful Volnay, Burgundy

    A grape harvest successful Volnay, Burgundy, pinch nan thief of a equine and cart. Category: Errazuriz vino photographer of nan year

    An aerial position of people, a equine harnessed to a cart and a workplace conveyance casting shadows connected a ungraded roadworthy beside rows of grape vines
  • New twelvemonth successful an aged cave dwelling

    A family gathers to make dumplings for nan lunar caller twelvemonth successful Licheng, Shanxi province, China. Category: Food for nan family

    People gathered astir a ample array laden pinch dumplings
  • In nan tank

    Wine globe fermentation successful nan Rhône Valley, France. Category: Errazuriz vino photographer of nan year, victor (produce)

    A close-up of crushed, red-skinned grapes pinch mini bubbles
  • Let them eat cake!

    ‘Lucy and Tony and their children made nan agelong travel from Kent to nan Isle of Skye to get married,’ says nan photographer Lynne Kennedy. ‘They didn’t want to carrier a accepted wedding barroom each that way, truthful their cakemaker produced these fabulous small cakes successful containers for them. We recovered a spot by nan humanities Sligachan Bridge and they tucked in!’ Category: Champagne Taittinger wedding nutrient photographer of nan year

    A group of group from a wedding statement eating barroom from jars against a melodramatic scenery of mountains and brooding clouds
  • Rice atom threshing

    A female threshing atom grains successful nan courtyard of her home. Category: Philip Harben grant for nutrient successful action

    A female successful a reddish sari crouches connected nan crushed arsenic she tosses atom grains successful nan aerial utilizing a shallow woven basket
  • Pitmaster

    Chris Lilly is nan multi-award-winning pitmaster astatine Big Bob Gibson’s successful Decatur, Alabama. Big Bob (Lilly’s great-grandfather-in-law), opened nan business successful 1925 and recovered fame for his revolutionary achromatic barbecue condiment (at a clip erstwhile astir BBQ sauces were reddish and herb aliases chilli-based). His look includes mayonnaise, achromatic pepper, vinegar and lemon. Category: James Beard Foundation photography award

    A man successful a shot chapeau and checked garment dips chickenhearted successful achromatic condiment adjacent to a occurrence pit
  • Red legume paste balls

    In nan agrarian area of Xiangshan, Zhejiang, group hole for a feast to observe lunar caller year. This includes making accepted dim sum including reddish legume dumplings, steamed atom cakes and glutinous atom cakes. Category: Overall victor and Taittinger nutrient for ceremony winner

    A female carrying a ample tray of steaming dim sum enters a room pinch six different trays likewise loaded pinch dim sum delicacies successful nan foreground
  • Oh beautiful crumb

    ’Handmade sourdough breadstuff pinch a crispy crust, fluffy and airy crumb and pinch nan cleanable humidity. Just emotion its smell makes your rima h2o and you cannot time off it aliases alteration it conscionable for illustration that,’ says nan photographer Antonia Larrain. ‘It’s a deep, unconditional and loyal love.’ Category: Pink Lady nutrient photographer of nan twelvemonth (Chile)

    A personification holding 2 halves of a loaf of sourdough bread
  • Banana haul

    Under a span that spans nan Red River successful Hanoi, Vietnam, residents person transformed nationalist lands into bountiful gardens. Samson Eichenholz says of his entry: ‘As I descended nan stairs to research this hidden area of nan city, I came upon this man carrying his banana haul and was struck by nan soulfulness of his eyes.’ Category: Young photographer (13-17)

    A man successful a pith helmet carrying a stalk loaded pinch greenish bananas up a group of actual steps
  • Fighting to prevention life

    Ayesha and her girl Hanufa transportation handmade sweets to beryllium sold successful a adjacent village. They gain astir 300 Bangladeshi taka (about £2) a day. Category: Street food

    Two group transverse a woody span surrounded by muddy waters carrying bags of agleam pinkish sweets
  • Buri (yellowtail) hanging

    Buri is nan Japanese sanction for nan food Seriola quinqueradiata, known successful English arsenic yellowtail. For centuries, fishermen filleted buri, salted them, dried and wrapped them successful leaves and agelong rice-straw ropes earlier hanging them successful beforehand of their houses. Category: Food influencer

    A food suspended by its tail from a ceiling
  • Les liens du vin

    Children thief pinch nan grape harvest astatine nan Aegerter property successful Burgundy, France. Category: Errazuriz vino photographer of nan twelvemonth (people)

    Children and adults loading grapes connected to a workplace conveyance surrounded by leafy vines
  • Would you for illustration mustard pinch that?

    An image changeable arsenic portion of a series, The Hungry Traveller, a Gousto run celebrating cuisines from astir nan world. Category: Production Paradise antecedently published

    A manus squeezes yellowish mustard connected to a hotdog being held beneath
  • A time successful nan field

    At nan opening of nan atom season, a young husbandman carries a rack of atom sprouts crossed a paddy section successful Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand. Category: Tenderstem® bring location nan harvest

    A young husbandman carries a rack of bunched atom sprouts crossed a paddy section successful Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand.
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