‘Playing Russian roulette with your health’: my encounter with LA’s raw-milk, powdered-meat smoothie

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In Los Angeles, wherever a $20 smoothie from Erewhon marketplace has go a cardinal manner accessory, galore wellness drinks are unabashedly girly. There’s Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Skin smoothie, and Kendall Jenner’s Peaches and Cream smoothie. Alongside nan motorboat of her 2nd album, Guts, Olivia Rodrigo debuted a kombucha smoothie called Good 4 Ur Guts.

But astatine Erewhon, a celebrity-approved grocer that is half wellness nutrient shop and half catwalk, antheral wellness influencers besides get their chance successful nan spotlight.

One of Erewhon’s featured drinks complete nan past twelvemonth is not different earthy vegan concoction named aft a supermodel: it’s a “raw, animal-based” portion created by 1 of America’s astir celebrated antheral “meatfluencers”.

For $19, you tin portion a smoothie made pinch powdered beef organs and unpasteurized milk, arsenic portion of nan influencer Paul Saladino’s effort to present Angelenos to his much-touted “carnivore diet”.

hand holds smoothie, pinch a purple apical and achromatic bottom, successful a integrative cup
Lois Beckett tastes nan ‘raw, animal-based smoothie’ astatine Erewhon. Photograph: Lois Beckett/The Guardian

The smoothie’s ingredients see a supplement powder made from uncooked, freeze-dried beef liver, heart, kidney, spleen and pancreas, blended pinch much emblematic smoothie ingredients, including blueberries, banana and honey. It’s topped pinch whipped coconut pick blended pinch powdered cattle colostrum, nan nutrient-rich beverage cows nutrient aft giving birth.

“The sanction is giving cruelty. Like, should I telephone Peta?” 1 aspiring TikTok influencer quipped, dubbing it “the astir un-LA smoothie ever”.

While “Dr Paul’s Raw Animal Smoothie” has gone minorly viral connected TikTok, not everyone is simply a fan. US scientists are issuing new warnings against drinking “raw” beverage arsenic avian influenza spreads among US dairy cows – raising concerns that unpasteurized beverage products mightiness become, rather literally, viral.

Michael Payne, a interrogator and outreach coordinator astatine nan Western Institute of Food Safety and Security, said nan contents of Erewhon’s Raw Animal Smoothie near him dismayed.

“People consuming that are playing Russian roulette pinch their health,” he said.

The risks of earthy milk

Erewhon (a rearrangement of nan connection “nowhere”) has been a gathering spot for devotees of countercultural fare trends since its founding successful Boston successful nan 1960s, wherever it reportedly survived an early ambush by nan Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Today, it is simply a California market shop truthful luxurious it has inspired a Louis Vuitton fragrance and a collaboration pinch Balenciaga.

The market shop has agelong sold earthy milk, a controversial product pinch passionate defenders, peculiarly successful California, wherever it tin beryllium sold legally successful unit stores. Wellness entrepreneurs including Gwyneth Paltrow person endorsed it, moreover arsenic parents whose children person go earnestly ill aft drinking earthy beverage campaign against it. Twenty different states prohibit nan waste of earthy beverage wrong authorities borders, though a fistful of them are now moving to legalize it for commercialized sale.

Most beverage consumed now successful nan US is concisely heated to termination harmful germs aliases different microbes successful it earlier it is sold. This process of pasteurization has “remained nan azygous astir important nutrient information occurrence wall successful history”, Payne said.

Without pasteurization, beverage tin transportation “listeria aliases salmonella aliases kidney-killing E coli”, he said. “Those things hap almost each twelvemonth from nan depletion of earthy dairy products.” (Raw beverage depletion has been linked to at slightest 2,645 illnesses and 228 hospitalizations successful nan US successful nan past 20 years, according to nan Food and Drug Administration.)

Now, there’s a caller imaginable risk: 3 group person tested affirmative for vertebrate flu successful nan US, nan most caller a workplace worker who appeared to person contracted nan microorganism straight from an infected cow. The consequence to humans from drinking infected beverage is still theoretical, but a caller study examining workplace cats successful Texas who had died aft drinking earthy beverage from cows infected pinch nan H5N1 microorganism raised concerns astir cross-species transmission.

In May, nan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning that “high levels of A(H5N1) microorganism person been recovered successful unpasteurized (‘raw’) milk”. The CDC noted that, while nan consequence of infection from humans drinking earthy beverage pinch unrecorded H5N1 microorganism was still “unknown”, nan CDC and FDA “recommend against nan depletion of earthy beverage aliases earthy beverage products”.

people guidelines successful statement extracurricular solid doors
An Erewhon successful Pasadena connected its opening time past year. Photograph: MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News/Getty Images

But Californians who clasp earthy beverage do not spot nan FDA, said Mark McAfee, nan Fresno, California-based laminitis of Raw Farm, which supplies nan fermented beverage portion for Erewhon’s smoothie.

In fact, immoderate of his customers look to earthy beverage to supply protection from a scope of emerging viruses, including H5N1 flu, McAfee said. He said he had had to show immoderate customers who were proactively willing successful H5N1 beverage that, dissimilar cows successful different states, nan H5N1 microorganism has not yet been detected successful dairy cows successful California.

Raw Farm is moving intimately pinch California wellness officials to monitor its cows for H5N1 virus, McAfee said, a move that he said has reassured nan 500 stores who waste Raw Farm’s products.

Raw Farm beverage caused a 2023 salmonella outbreak successful California, and this year, nan institution voluntarily recalled 1 of its earthy beverage cheeses complete concerns astir an E coli outbreak, which nan CDC said resulted successful 11 illnesses and 5 hospitalizations crossed 5 states. While nonstop testing of nan company’s products did not uncover immoderate E coli contamination, nan CDC said, “epidemiologic evidence” suggested Raw Farms cheddar “is nan apt root of this outbreak”.

The company, which pleaded blameworthy successful 2008 to putting “pet food” stickers connected its earthy beverage successful bid to illegally waste it crossed authorities lines for quality consumption, is still battling pinch national prosecutors complete its trading and distribution of earthy cheese.

In consequence to questions astir nan wellness risks of its Raw Animal smoothie, an Erewhon spokesperson wrote: “Due to institution policy, we are incapable to supply circumstantial accusation regarding this peculiar merchandise astatine this time.”

Does it sensation for illustration organs?

Saladino, who erstwhile called himself “CarnivoreMD”, roseate to prominence alongside Jordan Peterson and different meat fare influencers.

On his website, Saladino warns his followers against eating plants, saying they are apt to beryllium harmful, and calling vegetables from kale and broccoli to tomatoes and soybeans “bullshit foods” that whitethorn do much harm than good. (Saladino did not respond to a petition for comment.)

“Are nan vegans getting triggered?” he asked an Erewhon worker in 1 YouTube video during his smoothie’s Los Angeles motorboat past summer.

hand holds purple smoothie successful bottle
Erewhon’s smoothies and juices are a notoriously costly Los Angeles staple celebrated among A-list celebrities and influencers. Photograph: Zuma Press, Inc/Alamy

For Angelenos, who often usage $20 smoothie tastings arsenic fodder for building their societal media followings, nan gross-out facet of nan Raw Animal smoothie seems to beryllium nary mini portion of its appeal.

But galore videos astir nan beverage person not mentioned wellness concerns astir “raw” milk.

On TikTok, Spencer Pratt, a erstwhile Los Angeles reality star, simply read nan ingredients aloud and said “mmm”.

When I went to an Erewhon to sample Saladino’s smoothie, nan cashier reassured maine that pieces of earthy beef liver were not going straight into nan blender: “It’s for illustration a powder,” she said. The smoothie was really 1 of her favorites: “It has this sweetness – you don’t really sensation nan organs.”

The smoothie looked harmless enough, though it costs $22.80, including tip.

A sticker connected nan cup warned, successful very mini print, that unpasteurized beverage products “may incorporate disease-causing micro-organisms” and that infants, aged customers, and immunocompromised group were among those astatine highest risk.

I took what I assumed would beryllium my first and past Russian roulette sip, and wasshocked: it was tart, creamy and delicious, pinch an guiltless blueberry flavor. I took different sip, searching for undercurrents of powdered liver, but tasted only nan banana.

Wondering if a much blase palate mightiness observe much nutrient flavor, I emailed nan Guardian nutrient writer Felicity Cloake, who had sampled nan smoothie connected a caller travel to Los Angeles, and called it offal-but-not-awful.

“My tasting statement was fruits of nan wood yoghurt pinch a faint but unmistakable backmost statement of liver,” she wrote. “The saccharine earthiness of nan offal really worked rather good pinch nan berries but I recovered nan concept, and nan aftertaste, a small disquieting.”

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