Revealed: Trump ally Kari Lake gave speech in front of Confederate flag

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The Republican Senate campaigner Kari Lake addressed supporters pinch a Confederate emblem displayed down her during a run arena astatine a Trump merchandise shop successful Arizona past week, wherever she repeated mendacious claims astir predetermination fraud.

In footage obtained by nan Guardian, Lake is seen speaking into a microphone, surrounded by a group of supporters, astatine nan Trumped Store successful Show Low, Arizona. Behind her, a Confederate conflict emblem and a yellowish “Don’t Tread On Me” emblem are affixed to nan wall. Both flags are disposable for acquisition connected nan website of Trumped Store, which sells an array of merchandise pinch nan erstwhile president’s sanction and likeness.

Writing connected X past week, Lake described nan arena arsenic a “magical day”.

“So galore unthinkable patriots successful Heber-Overgaard, Show Low and nan White Mountains,” she said. “America is stepping up. Arizona is stepping forward. It’s clip to prevention this awesome Republic. I’m honored to beryllium successful this conflict pinch each of these astonishing patriots.”

The Confederate emblem has agelong been condemned arsenic a awesome of racism and slavery, and a number of institutions person sought to region themselves from it successful caller years. In 2020, nan Mississippi governor, Tate Reeves, a Republican, signed a rule to region nan Confederate conflict emblem from nan authorities flag, making Mississippi nan past authorities to do so.

Reached for remark astir nan video, a spokesperson for Kari Lake told nan Guardian: “The Kari Lake run does not respond to British propaganda outlets. We stopped doing that successful 1776.”

In nan video, Lake is heard repeating her baseless accusations of wide predetermination fraud successful nan 2022 gubernatorial race, which she mislaid to nan Democrat Katie Hobbs. When a protagonist told Lake that she really won nan 2022 election, she replied: “Of people we did. They stole our government.”

In nan months aft nan 2022 election, courts many times dismissed Lake’s ineligible claims challenging nan results of nan gubernatorial race, and her lawyers were sanctioned for making “false actual statements”. In April, nan US ultimate tribunal dismissed Lake’s suit challenging Arizona’s usage of physics voting machines. At nan Trumped Store event, Lake indicated she planned to reopen her entreaty successful nan voting machines case, which she confirmed connected Friday.

“We’re trying to get free of these damn machines that are corrupt,” Lake told supporters past week.

Lake went connected to repetition nan mendacious declare that Trump won nan 2020 statesmanlike election, presenting her belief successful predetermination fraud arsenic an plus successful nan Senate race. If Lake wins nan Republican superior connected 30 July, arsenic she is wide expected to do, she will spell connected to look nan Democratic congressman Ruben Gallego successful November.

“I’m nan only personification moving for US Senate – either Republican aliases Democrat – who genuinely believes location was fraud successful nan predetermination successful 2020,” Lake said to applause from attendees. “Anybody judge location wasn’t fraud successful 2020? Anybody judge Joe Biden really, genuinely sewage 81 cardinal votes?”

Courts rejected dozens of Trump’s lawsuits challenging nan results of nan 2020 election, and nan erstwhile president has grounded to nutrient substantive grounds corroborating his declare that wide fraud tainted nan results successful battleground states. A group of Trump’s supporters later attacked nan US Capitol successful an effort to disrupt nan certification of Biden’s triumph successful nan election, and immoderate carried Confederate conflict flags into nan building.

Lake appeared astatine nan run arena alongside Steve Slaton, nan Trumped Store proprietor and Republican authorities legislative campaigner who has attracted contention complete allegations that he inflated his subject record. On his campaign website, Slaton claims to person served successful Vietnam arsenic a “crew chief/co-pilot connected an AH-1G Cobra Attack Helicopter”. But subject records obtained by nan Mountain Daily Star bespeak that Slaton was stationed only successful Korea, chiefly serving arsenic a chopper repairman, and did not moreover subordinate nan service until aft nan past US troops near Vietnam.

Slaton’s run website besides includes a photograph of him opinionated successful beforehand of a Confederate conflict emblem astatine nan Trumped Store. A photo, posted to X by nan Arizona authorities legislator Wendy Rodgers, shows Lake and Slaton posing together astatine nan run arena past week.

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