Rishi Sunak criticised for leaving D-day event early ‘to record ITV interview’

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Rishi Sunak has been criticised for leaving nan D-day commemorations successful Normandy early connected Thursday, pinch reports that he returned to nan UK to do a prerecorded TV interview.

The premier curate attended an arena astatine Ver-sur-Mer successful bluish France, which was besides attended by King Charles and Queen Camilla, nan French president, Emmanuel Macron, and nan US president, Joe Biden.

But he did not be nan precocious day ceremonial astatine Omaha beach, successful Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, and alternatively returned to nan UK. Paul Brand, ITV’s UK editor, said nan premier curate returned from Normandy to do an interview.

He said nan broadcaster was interviewing each nan statement leaders and had been moving to unafraid a day pinch nan Conservative leader for immoderate time. Speaking connected News astatine Ten, Brand said: “Today was nan slot they offered us. We don’t cognize why.”

Tim Montgomerie, nan laminitis of nan grassroots Conservative Home website, told BBC Newsnight: “I want to put my caput successful my hands. If he came backmost for a governmental question and reply from nan D-day commemorations that is indefensible.”

“This is going to beryllium nan past large commemoration wherever survivors will beryllium present,” he added. “I deliberation it’s governmental malpractice of nan highest bid if Mr Sunak absented himself for an predetermination question and reply connected ITV.”

Keir Starmer joined world leaders astatine nan arena astatine Omaha formation alongside nan defence secretary, Grant Shapps, and nan overseas secretary, David Cameron. The Labour leader was photographed successful speech pinch nan Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Keir Starmer greets Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy
Keir Starmer greets Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, astatine nan world ceremony. Photograph: Benoît Tessier/Reuters

Later connected Thursday, ITV published an question and reply pinch Sunak successful which he denied accusations from Starmer that he “lied” by arguing that Labour would hike taxes by £2,000, successful claims that were criticised by nan UK statistic watchdog.

ITV would not corroborate erstwhile nan released question and reply was recorded.

Chris Bryant, nan Labour campaigner for Rhondda and Ogmore, wrote connected X: “So Sunak near nan Normandy D-day landings commemoration to alert location to dishonesty astir lying. The remainder is silence.”

The protector paymaster general, Jonathan Ashworth, said: “The premier curate skipping disconnected early from D-day commemorations to grounds a tv question and reply wherever he erstwhile again lied done his teeth is some an embarrassment and a full dereliction of duty.

“Our state deserves truthful overmuch amended than out-of-touch, hopeless Rishi Sunak and his chaotic Tory party.”

A Conservative root played down nan negotiated effect of nan premier minister’s absence and said Sunak will spot Macron, Biden, nan German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and different cardinal leaders astatine nan G7 acme successful Puglia, Italy, which starts adjacent Thursday.

Col Richard Kemp, a erstwhile British service commandant successful Afghanistan, told nan Mirror: “I cognize location is simply a wide predetermination run to conflict but this is simply a very important day of a awesome subject accomplishment which led to state successful Europe.

“It’s being attended by immoderate of nan veterans who whitethorn ne'er be different owed to their age. I deliberation it was very important that he showed his committedness to it.

“He should person stayed. As nan PM of our state he should person been location to correspond nan state and to show our gratitude to those who fell.”

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