Rudy Giuliani says he’s ‘very, very proud’ of actions after taking Arizona mug shot

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After emerging Monday from having his mug changeable taken successful relationship pinch nan clone 2020 electors lawsuit pending against him successful Arizona, Rudy Giuliani boasted astir having nary regrets complete his actions that led to nan criminal charges against him.

“I’m very, very proud of it,” Giuliani said nan erstwhile Donald Trump lawyer and erstwhile politician of New York City arsenic he near nan authorities courthouse wherever he was processed Monday.

When a newsman pinch KPNX asked him if he had immoderate regrets astir his domiciled successful trying to overturn nan erstwhile president’s conclusion to Joe Biden successful nan 2020 election, Giuliani added: “Oh, my goodness, no.”

The comments from Giuliani came aft an Arizona expansive assemblage successful May indicted him alongside 16 different Trump friends pinch attempting to alteration nan result of Biden’s electoral triumph successful nan authorities successful 2020.

The expansive assemblage charged Giuliani pinch pressuring Arizona legislators and nan Maricopa region committee of supervisors to alteration nan consequence of nan state’s statesmanlike predetermination – and pinch encouraging Republican electors successful Arizona and six different contested states to ballot for Trump.

It is 1 of Giuliani’s 2 unresolved criminal cases stemming from Trump’s nonaccomplishment to Biden. A expansive assemblage successful Georgia had antecedently charged him pinch spearheading efforts to compel authorities lawmakers to disregard nan will of voters who rejected nan erstwhile president successful favour of Biden and illegally name pro-Trump electors to nan electoral college.

Giuliani has pleaded not blameworthy successful some cases.

On Monday, Giuliani was required to look successful personification to beryllium formally booked connected nan conspiracy, fraud and forgery charges outlined successful nan Arizona indictment aft a virtual arraignment connected 21 May. He besides posted a $10,000 enslaved and had his mug changeable taken.

The criminal charges against Giuliani successful Arizona and Georgia relationship for only immoderate of nan 80-year-old’s ineligible problems. He revenge for bankruptcy protection successful December 2023 aft being ordered to salary $148m successful a defamation lawsuit brought against him by Atlanta predetermination workers Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss.

Giuliani had falsely accused Freeman and Moss of having a manus successful robbing Trump of nan 2020 predetermination to Biden’s benefit.

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His spreading of nan dishonesty that Trump only mislaid successful 2020 because of electoral fraudsters besides prompted nan New York City power position WABC to suspend Giuliani’s show from its lineup. But specified a consequence did not look to deter Giuliani from alluding to nan 2020 predetermination successful his remarks to KPNX connected Monday.

“There was a important magnitude of ballot fraud that went connected present that was covered up,” Giuliani said to nan station, moreover though predetermination integrity experts consider nan 2020 title that Trump mislaid to beryllium 1 of nan astir unafraid ever. “Probably 1 of nan biggest conspiracies successful American history.”

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