Russia nuclear-powered submarine to visit Cuba amid rising tensions with US

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A Russian nuclear-powered submarine – which will not beryllium carrying atomic weapons – will sojourn Havana adjacent week, Cuba’s communist authorities person announced, amid rising tensions pinch nan US complete nan warfare successful Ukraine.

The atomic submarine Kazan and 3 different Russian naval vessels, including nan rocket frigate Admiral Gorshkov, an lipid tanker and a salvage tug, will dock successful nan Cuban superior from 12-17 June, Cuba’s ministry of nan revolutionary equipped forces said successful a statement.

“None of nan vessels is carrying atomic weapons, truthful their stopover successful our state does not correspond a threat to nan region,” nan ministry said.

The announcement came a time aft US officials said that Washington had been tracking Russian warships and aircraft that were expected to get successful nan Caribbean for a subject exercise. They said nan workout would beryllium portion of a broader Russian consequence to US support for Ukraine.

The US officials said that nan Russian subject beingness was notable but not concerning. However, it comes arsenic Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested that Moscow could return “asymmetrical steps” elsewhere successful nan world successful consequence to President Joe Biden’s determination to let Ukraine to usage US-provided weapons to onslaught wrong Russia to protect Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

The different deployment of nan Russian subject truthful adjacent to nan US – peculiarly nan powerful submarine – comes amid awesome tensions complete nan warfare successful Ukraine, wherever nan western-backed authorities is fighting a Russian invasion. The Russian vessels’ sojourn to Cuba will besides overlap pinch Biden’s sojourn to nan G7 leaders acme successful Italy.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel met pinch Putin past period for nan yearly 9 May subject parade connected Red Square extracurricular nan Kremlin.

During nan acold war, Cuba was an important customer authorities for nan Soviet Union. The deployment of Soviet atomic rocket sites connected nan land triggered the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, erstwhile Washington and Moscow came adjacent to war.

Relations betwixt Russia and Cuba person go person since a 2022 gathering betwixt Diaz-Canel and Putin.

During nan Russian fleet’s presence astatine nan larboard of Havana, 21 salvoes will beryllium fired from 1 of nan ships arsenic a salute to nan nation, which will beryllium reciprocated by an artillery artillery from Cuba’s revolutionary equipped forces, nan overseas ministry said.

Source theguardian