Rwanda opposition leader barred from standing against president

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A salient force of nan Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, has been barred from opinionated successful adjacent month’s ballot to situation his three-decade rule.

Diane Rwigara, nan leader of nan People Salvation Movement, unveiled her predetermination bid successful May and submitted her candidacy past week. But her sanction was missing from nan provisional database of candidates announced by nan electoral committee connected Thursday.

“After each nan time, activity and effort I put in, I americium very disappointed to perceive I americium not connected nan database of statesmanlike candidates,” nan 42-year-old, who was besides disqualified from nan 2017 election, said connected X.

“Paul Kagame, why won’t you fto maine run?”

The predetermination committee said she had grounded to supply a criminal grounds connection arsenic required, and that she had not met nan period of nan requisite 600 supporting signatures from citizens.

Rwanda's president, Paul Kagame, walks down a reddish carpet betwixt 2 lines of soldiers opinionated to attention
Rwanda's president, Paul Kagame (centre), walks past members of an honour defender for nan 2024 South Korea-Africa acme successful Seongnam, South Korea, past weekend. Photograph: Lee Jin-man/AP

Only 2 different candidates – Frank Habineza of nan Democratic Green statement and nan independent Philippe Mpayimana – were cleared to tally against Kagame.

A last campaigner database is owed connected 14 June, a period earlier nan statesmanlike and parliamentary votes connected 15 July.

Rwigara was barred from nan 2017 title complete accusations she forged supporters’ signatures for her application.

She was arrested and charged pinch forgery and inciting insurrection, past held down bars for much than a year.

Rwigara is nan girl of nan industrialist Assinapol Rwigara, a erstwhile signifcant philanthropist to Kagame’s ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front statement earlier he fell retired pinch its leaders.

Kagame, Rwanda’s de facto ruler since nan 1994 genocide and president since 2000, has won 3 elections pinch much than 90% of nan vote and is wide expected to beryllium victorious again successful July.

He has been praised for putting nan state connected nan way of economical translator aft nan genocide but he faces predominant disapproval complete authorities abuses and intolerance of nan opposition.

In nan run-up to this year’s vote, Rwandan courts had already rejected appeals from nan salient guidance figures Bernard Ntaganda and Victoire Ingabire to region erstwhile convictions that efficaciously barred them from standing.

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