Scenes of carnage from Maine mass shooting revealed in document release

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Thousands of pages of Maine section of nationalist information documents released Friday see elaborate descriptions of nan chaos and carnage surrounding nan state’s deadliest wide shooting.

Officers arrived astatine nan 2 shooting scenes successful Lewiston past October not knowing whether nan gunman was still there, and pinch surviving and dormant victims connected nan floors. One serviceman described hopeless survivors screaming for thief arsenic he searched for nan shooter.

“They drawback astatine our legs and effort to extremity america and we tin not thief them,” wrote Lewiston serviceman Keith Caoueutte. “We person to locomotion by and proceed to hunt and dream they are live erstwhile we travel backmost around.”

Another officer’s first small heart was that an enactment of home coercion had been committed, underscored by nan dense constabulary beingness and flashing bluish lights. “I genuinely felt for illustration we were astatine war,” Auburn Lt Steven Gosselin wrote.

Their descriptions of nan scenes astatine a bowling alley and a barroom and grill wherever 18 group were killed and 13 others wounded were included successful much than 3,000 pages released Friday successful consequence to Freedom of Access Act requests by nan Associated Press and different news organizations.

Associated Press reporters had reviewed much than a 3rd of nan pages earlier nan website pinch nan documents collapsed precocious Friday afternoon. State officials said documents will beryllium made disposable again connected Monday.

Among nan specifications included successful nan study were nan words from a statement near down by nan gunman, 40-year-old Army reservist Robert Card, who wrote that he conscionable wanted to “be near nan (expletive) alone”, nan Portland Press Herald reported. The statement besides contained his telephone password and passwords needed to entree his various accounts.

The gunman’s family and chap Army reservists reported that he had been suffering from a intelligence breakdown successful nan months starring up to nan shooting connected 25 October 2023. In nan aftermath, nan legislature passed caller weapon laws for Maine that bolstered nan state’s “yellow flag” law, criminalized nan transportation of guns to prohibited group and expanded backing for intelligence wellness situation care.

Card’s assemblage was recovered 2 days aft nan shooting successful nan backmost of a tractor-trailer connected his erstwhile employer’s spot successful adjacent Lisbon. An autopsy concluded he died by suicide.

The documents that were released Friday provided officers’ firsthand accounts of what they saw on pinch further specifications of nan monolithic hunt for Card and nan investigation.

At nan peak, nan law-enforcement beingness was immense, pinch 16 Swat teams and officers from 14 different agencies, on pinch 8 helicopters and further airplanes, and an underwater betterment team, wrote authorities constabulary Lt Tyler Stevenson.

“I person knowledgeable respective large-scale manhunts successful my career, but this was, by far, nan largest manhunt I person been a portion of,” Stevenson wrote.

Officers utilized lasers to representation nan shooting scenes, searched Tracfone purchases astatine a Walmart successful nan arena Card had a “burner” cellphone and moreover retrieved information from nan infotainment strategy of Card’s Subaru.

Police recovered hundreds of items of imaginable grounds from a number of locations, including slug cartridges and fragments, phones, hair, fibers, swabs of a state pedal, a handwritten letter, a tomahawk knife, arrows, a proceeding aid, surgery eyeglasses, a bluish sneaker, a achromatic concatenation necklace, legume bags, various subject records, $255 successful rate and a night-vision monocle.

The documents underscored nan chaos arsenic constabulary officers poured into nan region. In summation to nan 2 crime scenes, constabulary responded to unfounded reports of a gunman successful a section adjacent nan shooting scene, astatine different edifice and astatine a monolithic Walmart distribution center.

“I asked who was successful complaint and sewage nary answer,” wrote Androscoggin region lawman Jason Chaloux, describing nan segment extracurricular nan bar.

Others described nan horrific scenes inside. Cellphones ringing connected bloodied tabletops, tablecloths and a excavation array screen turned into makeshift stretchers.

“A speedy scan of nan building revealed humor and soma scattered passim nan business,” Lewiston detective Zachary Provost wrote of nan bowling alley. “I besides could smell nan dense odor of gunpowder mixed pinch burning flesh.”

Caoeutte, nan Lewiston serviceman who responded to nan barroom and grill, said immoderate witnesses yelled that nan gunman was still successful nan building erstwhile he arrived while others said he had already left. He told 1 man lying connected nan level to “hang successful there”, but by nan clip he returned to him, nan man had died.

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