Search for Michael Mosley resumes with helicopter and drones

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The hunt for nan missing TV expert and columnist Michael Mosley has resumed connected nan Greek land of Symi, 2 days after he went missing.

Local constabulary confirmed astatine astir 7am connected Friday that officers were scouring nan land aft pausing nan search-and-rescue cognition connected Thursday night.

Police and firefighters person been utilizing drones to effort to find Mosley, 67, who has not been seen since mounting disconnected connected a locomotion to nan centre of nan island, and a chopper was deployed connected Thursday to assistance nan search.

More officers will subordinate nan rescue cognition connected Symi, which is portion of nan Dodecanese land concatenation astir 25 miles northbound of Rhodes.

Local people, a chopper from Rhodes and Greek officers, on pinch constabulary drafted successful from extracurricular nan island, were searching nan Pedi area and its surroundings connected Friday morning, nan mayor’s agency said.

The area wherever Mosley, a begetter of four, went missing is experiencing basking weather, which is forecast to scope 36C connected Friday, according to nan Hellenic National Meteorological Service. A yellowish upwind informing for precocious temperatures is besides successful unit successful Rhodes and surrounding islands, including Symi.

The rescue cognition is said to beryllium focusing connected nan Pedi area of nan land aft a female reported seeing Mosley, who is known for popularising nan 5:2 fare and for his appearances connected The One Show and This Morning, location connected Wednesday.

The politician of Symi, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, said firefighters had told him they believed it was “impossible” Mosley was still there. “It is simply a very small, controlled area, afloat of people. So, if thing happened to him there, we would person recovered him by now,” he told nan BBC.

A friend of nan personification Mosley was staying pinch connected nan land said she was struggling to understand really anyone could get lost.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive programme, she said: “It’s a roadworthy that benignant of heads complete nan upland broadside but it’s been precocious widened and location is only 1 route, truthful it’s not imaginable to suffer your way.

“So, it is astir apt a 20-minute locomotion down nan broadside of nan mountain, but it’s not overly rugged aliases thing that would beryllium seen to beryllium excessively dangerous, it’s thing that visitors do each time successful nan summer. I’m having problem knowing really you could get lost.”

A section Facebook group said Mosley had arrived connected nan land connected Tuesday pinch his wife, Clare Bailey Mosley, who is besides a doctor, writer and wellness columnist. He went for a locomotion from Saint Nikolas Beach astatine astir 1.30pm Greek clip connected Wednesday.

The Greek constabulary spokesperson Constantina Dimoglidou told nan Daily Mail: “He whitethorn person slipped, tripped, fallen, moreover been bitten by a snake, remaining injured somewhere.” He added: “Every imaginable script is unfastened and being investigated.”

A Foreign Office spokespersonsaid: “We are supporting nan family of a British man who is missing successful Greece and are successful interaction pinch nan section authorities.”

Mosley is simply a columnist for nan Daily Mail and has made a number of films astir fare and exercise. The broadcaster fronted nan Channel 4 show Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? and was portion of nan BBC bid Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.

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