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It is ironic that news of Keir Starmer’s scheme to restate Labour’s committedness to “a ‘triple lock’ for nan UK’s atomic deterrent” (Keir Starmer to state Labour arsenic ‘party of nationalist security’, 2 June) emerged connected nan aforesaid time that Toshiko Tanaka, a subsister of nan Hiroshima atomic bomb, addressed a spellbound gathering successful London – organised by nan Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and nan Quakers – astir her puerility experiences successful 1945.

She said of seeing nan first detonation that killed each 1 of her classmates. She recounted regaining consciousness pinch a rima afloat of dirt, moving location to a mother who could not recognise her ain severely burnt daughter, and smelling nan lingering stench of burning soma as bodies were cremated. To this day, she struggles to slumber arsenic caller sores break retired connected her skin, and cannot spot a grilled herb without remembering nan ghastly show of tegument peeling disconnected nan dying who staggered done her neighbourhood for illustration zombies.

Through nan atomic non-proliferation treaty, nan UK is committed to nan extremity of a nuclear-weapons-free world. Starmer should formulate argumentation based connected our ineligible and civilized obligations, not a calculating effort to triumph votes by looking tougher than nan Tories.
Prof Nick Megoran
School of geography, authorities and sociology, Newcastle University

I work together pinch Jeremy Corbyn’s opinions of Keir Starmer’s spending priorities and his conclusions, but I return rumor pinch his position of nan actions of Russia (Stockpiling atomic weapons? That will do thing for nationalist security, Keir Starmer, 5 June). In 2014, Vladimir Putin made it clear that Russia needs neutral buffer states specified arsenic Ukraine. Russia mislaid astir 27 million citizens past clip it was invaded. It does not person nan luxury of oceans connected 2 sides and friends neighbours connected nan different two. It would person been elemental for Nato and Putin to discuss neutrality guarantees, but alternatively Nato pursued a argumentation intended to works missiles connected nan Russian border.

The US knew specified a argumentation would unit Putin to act, thereby donating nan “moral precocious ground” to nan west. The work for this warfare successful Ukraine lies not pinch Russia but nan US. It is not Russia that poses a threat to world peace, but US militarism.
Andrew Aikman
Forres, Moray

Jeremy Corbyn is correct – our governmental leaders are sticking their heads profoundly successful nan sand. He could person added that if it’s imaginable for thing to spell incorrect past you tin beryllium definite that 1 time it will. We whitethorn flight atomic war, but accidental atomic onslaught will, 1 day, happen. We’ve been highly fortunate to person escaped this truthful far, but yet our luck will tally out, unless we put a extremity to this madness.
Norman Rimmell
Darley Dale, Derbyshire

“There are respective examples that show nan threat of atomic retaliation has grounded to deter an invasion,” says Jeremy Corbyn. This misrepresents nan value of atomic weapons. The cardinal constituent is: nary nuclear-armed state has ever been invaded. This is nan deterrent powerfulness of these atrocious weapons, and history shows them to person been highly effective in their role as defensive weapons.
Alex Hamilton
Killarney Heights, Sydney, Australia

Jeremy Corbyn writes: “Security is not nan expertise to frighten and destruct your neighbour. Security is getting connected pinch your neighbour.” This whitethorn beryllium existent successful nan comfortable world of Islington, but really does Mr Corbyn propose that nan group of Ukraine, nan Baltic states aliases Poland – and yet nan UK – “get on” pinch Vladimir Putin and his forces? One cannot thief but beryllium reminded of Neville Chamberlain.
Ted Schrecker
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

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