Senedd member under investigation over alleged inflated expenses claims

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Texts reportedly sent from nan telephone of a Conservative Senedd member, appearing to inquire a personnel of unit to inflate her expenses claims, person been seen by BBC Wales.

South Wales constabulary had received accusation from nan Senedd Commissioner for Standards, which remains nether investigation, nan unit said.

The BBC published screenshot messages, including 1 allegedly sent by Laura Anne Jones to a unit member, reading: “When doing petrol point – ever make much than I did – adhd successful worldly please ok.”

When nan unit personnel asks, “Like visits to constituency office?”, a consequence says: “Yes – worldly for illustration that.”

Lawyers acting connected behalf of Jones said: “Ms Jones is satisfied that immoderate allegations successful narration to impropriety surrounding expenses are wholly misconceived.”

BBC Wales reported that it had seen WhatsApp messages sent to a personnel of unit successful consequence to them asking whether to make expenses claims for days erstwhile Jones was disconnected sick. There was nary nonstop consequence to that, but nan screenshot appears to show a floor plan of projected expenses sent by nan unit personnel to nan politician’s phone.

A reply from Jones’s telephone said: “If you could ever do much than it says, that’d beryllium fab, thanks.”

Amid nan investigation, nan leader of nan Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said: “I person asked Laura Anne Jones to measurement backmost from nan Welsh Conservative protector furniture while investigations return place.

“We will not beryllium making immoderate comments connected immoderate progressive investigations being carried out.”

BBC Wales said it was incapable to verify nan discourse successful which nan messages were sent, aliases whether her messages represented nan full conversations betwixt nan group involved. The Guardian has not seen nan messages, different than nan screenshots published by nan broadcaster.

A spokesperson for nan Senedd Commissioner for Standards said nan commissioner was prohibited from “disclosing immoderate accusation astir immoderate title that may, aliases whitethorn not, person been received”.

Jones was primitively reported to nan standards commissioner successful narration to her handling of allegations of bullying by a elder personnel of staff, nan BBC said it had been told.

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Lawyers acting connected behalf of Jones told nan Guardian successful a statement: “Ms Jones did not person immoderate general bullying title successful narration to immoderate of her unit members.”

On nan expenses claims, they added, “Ms Jones’s belief is that these complaints being lodged pinch nan standards commissioner are without foundation.

“As these matters are nan taxable of ongoing inquiries, it would beryllium inappropriate for Ms Jones to make immoderate further comment.

“Ms Jones has nary rumor pinch nan Guardian/the BBC aliases its sources putting these allegations to nan constabulary and/or nan standards commissioner, which will supply her nan opportunity to respond successful a general mode arsenic portion of nan enquiry should nan authorities require it.

“Any publication which contains immoderate connection aliases innuendo base a defamatory meaning will consequence successful nan commencement of libel proceedings.”

Source theguardian