‘Shocking’: the 12-year-olds who killed Shawn Seesahai in a quiet park

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Surrounded by quiet residential streets and nan grounds of a superior school, Stowlawn playing fields successful Wolverhampton is usually a spot wherever teenagers footwear a shot astir and children walk done arsenic they locomotion location from school.

When Shawn Seesahai came crossed 2 12-year-old boys hanging retired successful nan parkland pinch a friend, he would not person expected 1 of them to beryllium carrying a deadly weapon, aliases that minutes later they would usage that limb to termination him successful a brutal, random attack.

Exactly what happened betwixt Seesahai first coming into interaction pinch nan boys and them stabbing him pinch a machete was highly contested during nan trial. The prosecution said Seesahai, 19, “had offered nary violence, nor done thing to offend” nan 2 boys earlier he was killed. He was a alien to them, stumbled crossed them by chance and became a unfortunate of their obsession pinch nan limb pinch which they had been posing for photos hours earlier.

Derron Harrigan, Seesahai’s friend, who was pinch him connected nan evening of nan murder, said they were threatened by nan boys while they were sat connected a chair discussing their plans for Christmas.

He said 1 of nan boys “shoulder-barged” Seesahai, earlier reaching for nan leaf and shouting “run bro”. “The dude took it retired of its sheath,” he told nan court. “We started to tally but Shawn tripped. I was moving for my life – I couldn’t enactment location and watch.”

Giving grounds successful court, nan 2 boys claimed Seesahai had asked them to move disconnected nan bench. One said he had been put successful a headlock by Seesahai, and his friend had utilized nan limb to frighten him.

Rachel Brand KC, representing nan younker who admitted owning nan machete, suggested nan incident had been “sparked” aft nan defendants were aggressively asked to move. She said it whitethorn person been a “sudden and unexpected fatal stabbing” by a boy who “panicked aliases mislaid his head”.

Regardless of nan nonstop series of events that triggered nan stabbing, nan truth that 2 boys truthful young were responsible for nan unit has shocked those progressive successful nan case. “In my career, I person not travel crossed children arsenic young arsenic 12 carrying and utilizing a machete successful nan mode which has been described successful court,” said DI Damian Forrest from West Midlands police, nan elder investigating serviceman successful nan case.

“I person been a constabulary serviceman for 20 years and this isn’t nan first clip I’ve been retired to a young man who has mislaid his life successful a really convulsive way, but to past find retired that 2 12-year-olds were responsible was shocking and made america each connected nan investigation squad extremity and region and deliberation astir things.”

Throughout nan trial, some boys wore a garment and necktie arsenic they sat flanked by intermediaries who helped explicate tribunal proceedings to them – while they utilized fidget immunodeficiency to thief calm their nerves.

It was a crisp reminder of really young they are, and really vulnerable weapons are falling into progressively younger hands. The younker who owned nan 42.5cm-long black-bladed machete refused to sanction nan personification he bought it from for £40. He was reported to beryllium obsessed pinch knives and nonchalant astir nan stabbing, telling friends successful 1 message: “It is what it is.”

He carried it astir concealed successful his trouser limb and sent photos of him masked and holding it to friends because he “thought it was cool”, he told nan court.

Neither boy had immoderate erstwhile convictions, cautions aliases reprimands. After a random brushwood successful a Wolverhampton park, they person now go nan UK’s youngest convicted murderers since Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were recovered blameworthy of James Bulger’s execution successful 1993.

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