Single bullet to head killed journalist Lyra McKee in Derry, court hears

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A azygous slug to nan caput killed nan Northern Ireland journalist and writer Lyra McKee, a tribunal has heard.

The wounded caused contiguous unconsciousness and accelerated death, Christopher Johnston, a pathologist, told nan proceedings of 3 men accused of McKee’s execution astatine Belfast crown tribunal connected Friday.

The 29-year-old was opinionated adjacent constabulary vehicles and watching a riot successful nan Creggan area of Derry connected nan nighttime of 18 April 2019 erstwhile a gunman opened fire. The New IRA admitted responsibility.

Three men from Derry, Jordan Devine, 23, Paul McIntyre, 56, and Peter Cavanagh, 35, are accused of execution arsenic good arsenic possessing a firearm and ammunition, rioting and different related offences. They contradict each charges.

McKee received six rounds of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to nary avail, nan tribunal heard.

Johnston was nan adjunct authorities pathologist for Northern Ireland astatine nan clip of nan shooting and performed nan autopsy connected McKee. Clinical notes provided to him said nan unfortunate had suffered a cardiac apprehension and had nary beat erstwhile admitted to Altnagelvin infirmary astatine 11.21pm connected 18 April 2019, he said.

“The slug struck nan correct broadside of her caput supra her receptor which caused a slug introduction coiled to nan tegument of nan scalp. The slug penetrated nan correct broadside of nan skull and travelled successful a horizontal level from correct to left,” Johnston said.

The slug past struck nan near broadside of her skull, he said. “The slug had caused terrible disruption to nan captious sensors of nan encephalon and would person caused contiguous unconsciousness and very accelerated death.”

Prosecutors opportunity nary of nan 3 accused fired nan fatal shot, but were engaged successful a associated endeavor to promote and assistance nan gunman.

On Thursday a constabulary serviceman told nan tribunal he was successful a constabulary Land Rover during nan disturbances successful Creggan erstwhile he saw a fig pinch a disguise and acheronian clothing constituent what appeared to beryllium a handgun, aft which he believed he heard astatine slightest 4 shots.

The serviceman said he became alert of activity to nan near of his vehicle. “There was a group of women who were opinionated against nan Land Rover instantly successful beforehand of maine to my left. I saw 1 of them, I now cognize to beryllium Lyra, she benignant of stumbled and fell to nan floor. And past location was conscionable this horrendous screaming and personification shouts, ‘she has been shot’.”

Another serviceman testified connected Thursday that constabulary put McKee into a Land Rover and went to nan hospital, and he tried to springiness first assistance during nan journey. “She was unresponsive. I was trying to support an airway. I was giving rescue breaths arsenic we continued doing until we arrived astatine Altnagelvin mishap and emergency.”

On nan time of nan shooting nan TV presenter Reggie Yates was successful Derry pinch an MTV unit filming republicans opposed to Northern Ireland’s bid process. The judge, Patricia Smyth, has watched unedited footage filmed by nan crew.

Seven different men, each from Derry, are connected proceedings for rioting, throwing petrol bombs and different charges. They are: Joseph Barr, 36, Jude Coffey, 26, William Elliott, 57, Joseph Campbell, 23, Patrick Gallagher, 32, Christopher Gillen, 43, and Kieran McCool, 55. They contradict nan charges.

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