Spain’s Garciá-Caro pipped to European race walk bronze after early celebration

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Unbridled joyousness turned to devastation for nan Spanish title walker, Laura García-Caro, connected nan opening time of nan European Athletics Championships, arsenic a premature ceremony costs her a first awesome medal.

Five metres from nan extremity of nan women’s 20km title locomotion successful Rome, García-Caro punched nan aerial and stuck her lingua retired successful triumph, reasoning bronze was secure.

But she was near red-faced arsenic nan Ukrainian, Lyudmila Olyanovska, made up a 50-metre spread earlier brushing past her a stride earlier nan line.

García-Caro had been truthful assured of a badge that she grabbed a Spanish emblem successful nan last stages of nan race, which ended successful nan Stadio Olimpico. But she grounded to look up astatine nan large surface to spot nan Ukrainian was closing. When she turned to her correct arsenic she felt her rival approaching, she gave a look of horror, realising her dreams of glory had abruptly been shattered.

To make matters worse, Olyanovska served a four-year doping prohibition betwixt 2015 and 2019 for an adverse analytical finding. “I was really tired connected nan past lap,” García-Caro said. “I did my best.”

Olyanovska, meanwhile, dedicated nan badge to her country. “It is simply a very affectional infinitesimal for me,” she said. “Of course, I was tired successful nan past kilometre and past metres, but I wanted to triumph this badge for my state truthful much.

“Nowadays location is simply a warfare successful Ukraine. We train nether very difficult conditions, it was very difficult mentation but I americium very gladsome I managed to bring a badge home. This was what was pushing maine to nan decorativeness nan most.

“My small boy is waiting for maine astatine location successful Ukraine, he is 5 years aged and conscionable for him, I pushed myself truthful much. I do not cognize moreover if he saw maine competing coming because successful Ukraine nan infrastructure is broken. They do not person electricity, location is nary internet, nary light, truthful I do not cognize if he saw maine connected TV.”

The title walk, which took spot astir nan Stadio dei Marmi wrong nan Olympic Stadium complex, was won by nan Italian Olympic champion, Antonella Palmisano.

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The 32-year-old, pinch a ornamental woollen flower successful nan colours of nan Italian emblem successful her hair, was shouted location arsenic she vanished successful 1hr 28 min 08 sec.

Her compatriot, Valentina Trapletti, past sealed an Italian one-two, 29 seconds back, arsenic nan hosts took nan first medals of nan championships.

Olyanovska and García-Caro shared nan aforesaid clip - 1hr 28 min 48 sec - but that came arsenic nary consolation to nan Spaniard, who looked pensive arsenic what happened to her began to descend in.

Source theguardian