Sunday with Jacqueline Wilson: ‘It’s called the South Downs, but it mostly seems to be up’

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Sundays mornings? Sundays person changed radically since I moved to nan country. I loved to walk mornings going to a gallery, having brunch, reference nan Sunday papers. It was gentle, couched, gorgeous.

And now? They commencement highly early because we person animals: a cat, 2 dogs and a chicken. Animals don’t understand Sundays. They don’t think: ‘Oh, really heavenly, we’ll person a small lie-in.’ The feline wants meal and nan dogs request to beryllium walked.

And nan chicken? Poppy is hopeless to get retired for a peck. She gets treats: strawberry crystal lollies successful nan summertime and porridge successful nan winter. I person a very angelic partner who sees to nan animals while I constitute for an hour. Then, arsenic a reward, I get meal successful bed.

Presumably eggs? They’re delicious. When we had 4 hens, we were everybody’s champion friend – we ever had dozens spare. Even our postman sewage successful connected nan act.

Out and about? The seaside is ever gloriously tempting – 10 minutes away. You tin locomotion on nan esplanade pinch God knows really galore others, aliases caput to nan formation which is wholly undeveloped: nary ice-creams.

Sunday grub? Neither of america are keen connected a Sunday roast, truthful we spell to a adjacent cycling café – we don’t thrust bikes – for healthy, delicious sandwiches named aft celebrated cyclists for illustration Bradley Wiggins.

Sunday afternoon? We mightiness spell for a walk. It’s called nan South Downs, but it mostly seems to beryllium up. The views are gorgeous, but you’ve sewage to cheque nan upwind first. We’ve been caught successful torrential rain, which isn’t fun.

Sunday unwind? We’re successful nan mediate of Clarkson’s Farm. I ne'er willingly watched Jeremy Clarkson erstwhile he was a buffoon connected Top Gear. Now I adore him. The section wherever his piglets commencement to dice is tragic.

Mondays? I don’t mind Mondays. It takes clip for group to cogwheel up and nonstop emails, truthful I tin constitute successful bid and scheme what nan week holds.

My National Gallery, London, is successful cinemas now

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