Surprise songs, secret guests and hidden details: the ultimate guide to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour

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It’s surely nan biggest popular euphony circuit of each clip by revenue, and arguably besides by nan much nebulous measurement of pop-cultural heft. We’re 97 concerts in, and Taylor Swift’s Eras circuit has already grossed good complete a cardinal dollars, generated astir arsenic galore relationship bracelets, caused a bid of massively viral fits of weeping and screaming and now nan UK yet gets to acquisition it, arsenic Eras opens astatine Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium connected Friday night. If you haven’t already been plotting a finely elaborate spreadsheet complete pinch loo breaks, here’s what to expect.

The halfway group list

Unless she decides to spell earnestly off-piste, 37 of nan songs successful nan group database are locked in, arsenic they haven’t deviated successful nan 96 shows truthful far. She ever opens pinch Miss Americana and nan Heartbreak Prince, and ever closes pinch Karma. In betwixt you will have, successful alphabetical de-Era-fied order: All Too Well, Anti‐Hero, August, Bad Blood, Bejeweled, Betty, Blank Space, Cardigan, Champagne Problems, Cruel Summer, Delicate, Don’t Blame Me, Enchanted, Fearless, I Knew You Were Trouble, Illicit Affairs, Karma, Lavender Haze, Look What You Made Me Do, Love Story, Lover, Marjorie, Mastermind, Midnight Rain, Miss Americana & nan Heartbreak Prince, My Tears Ricochet, Ready for It?, Shake It Off, Style, The Man, 22, Vigilante Shit, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Wildest Dreams, Willow, You Belong With Me and You Need to Calm Down.

There’ll besides beryllium nan six-song action she’s added from The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD), which has tally successful nan pursuing order: But Daddy I Love Him/So High School, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?, Down Bad, Fortnight, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived and I Can Do It With a Broken Heart.

Swift performing successful Lyon, France, 2 June 2024.
Swift performing successful Lyon, France, 2 June 2024. Photograph: John Shearer/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

The astonishment songs

More than her 43-song halfway group list, her multi-instrumentalism and her preparatory cardio workouts done while singing, Swift’s biggest flex successful Eras is really nan two-song astonishment conception conscionable earlier nan closing tally of songs from Midnights: it’s Swift letting america adjacent into nan jaw-dropping extent of nan songbook she has amassed by nan property of conscionable 34.

So acold this has encompassed dozens of different songs from her backmost catalogue, ranging from debut azygous Tim McGraw astatine her opening show successful Glendale, Arizona connected 17 March, to TTPD’s Chloe aliases Sam aliases Sophia aliases Marcus astatine her astir caller gig successful Lyon. She has a flimsy penchant for Clean, Maroon and You’re connected Your Own, Kid, but she’s gone truthful heavy that location aren’t really that galore songs from her main medium discography that she hasn’t played yet: only 32, 12 of them from TTPD. You tin ideate a mates of London-centric songs from that medium – The Black Dog and So Long, London – could popular up successful nan Wembley Stadium tally (though surely not London Boy, her circuit of nan superior she wrote erstwhile swooning complete her now-ex, nan English character Joe Alwyn).

The backing band

Swift tours pinch a 10-piece set historically known arsenic nan Agency, immoderate of whom person been pinch her for years. She has a wonderfully fond rapport pinch guitarist Paul Sidoti, who has nan hairsbreadth of a disgruntled 00s female EastEnders characteristic and nan unobtrusive yet occasionally showboating dexterity of nan champion arena-pop players. It’s his 17th twelvemonth playing pinch Swift, having joined her for her self-titled debut backmost successful 2007, while bassist Amos Heller has been portion of nan set for conscionable arsenic long, and philharmonic head David Cook is different seasoned who has antecedently overseen nan world tours for Speak Now, Red and 1989. Her pianist meantime has nan wonderfully nominatively deterministic sanction of Karina DePiano.

There’s besides a troupe of dancers, and overmuch has been made among Swift-haters arsenic to her comparative deficiency of choreographic sophistication compared to different popular stars astatine her level. OK, there’s surely a batch of stepping up and down nan cardinal catwalk pinch intent – but there’s besides a potent gal-pal rapport that mirrors nan female friendships passim nan crowd, and a greater attraction connected this circuit connected antheral sexuality. The choreo is yet possibly a portion of nan endearing ordinariness that offsets Swift’s ludicrous talent and prowess to make her specified a beloved star.

The support acts

The main circuit support successful nan UK is Paramore, who had their breakthrough astir nan aforesaid clip arsenic Swift’s (in 2007) and person been connected a likewise genre-crossing travel ever since, going from emo-laced pop-punk to groove-laden caller wave. After a fewer dates not playing their biggest deed Misery Business, and wholly disowning it successful 2018, they’ve been playing it astatine caller Swift gigs – astatine her request, frontwoman Hayley Williams told 1 crowd – successful a terrifically crowd-pleasing harvest of 9 songs including Ain’t It Fun, Still Into You, Hard Times and their precocious recorded screen of Talking Heads’ Burning Down nan House.

Wembley-goers get immoderate other support acts successful nan shape of US vocalist Mette, whose superbly funky 2023 way Van Gogh has maine sliding astir my room successful my socks connected nan regular (21 June); Griff, a British vocalist very overmuch successful nan Swiftian mould of confessional affectional pop, whose superb caller azygous Miss Me Too bafflingly didn’t floor plan but is an entity instruction successful really to do heavy produced bombast (22 June); and handsomely moustachioed US feelings-haver Benson Boone, playing his No 1 deed Beautiful Things and much (23 June).

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The typical guests

Taylor Swift pinch Sabrina Carpenter successful Sydney, 23 February 2024.
Taylor Swift pinch Sabrina Carpenter successful Sydney, 23 February 2024. Photograph: Don Arnold/TAS24/[SOURCE] for TAS Rights Management

Swift has occasionally brought retired astonishment impermanent vocalists during nan Eras run: nan likes of Marcus Mumford, Maren Morris, Jack Antonoff, Ice Spice, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams and Sabrina Carpenter, positive a fewer appearances from caller imaginative foil Aaron Dessner of nan National. I wonderment if Florence Welch mightiness look for TTPD collabo Florida!!!, which hasn’t yet had an airing successful nan astonishment opus slot. There’s besides an as-yet unfulfilled opportunity to do Castles Crumbling pinch its original impermanent vocalist, Paramore’s Hayley Williams, and nan circuit timings are cleanable for Lana Del Rey to move up for Midnights’ Snow connected nan Beach: she’s finishing up immoderate European show dates this week. Could we spot Haim aft Swift appeared astatine their O2 Arena show successful 2022? Post Malone for TTPD’s biggest deed Fortnight?

The merch

Whether driven by a genuine desire to soma retired her sonic world, aliases by generating loads of rate via schemes that tin person a base connected her intelligibly obsessed-over floor plan performance, Swift is simply a maestro of merchandise and her merch queues lucifer those much often seen for Disneyland rides. This tour’s offerings commencement astatine £10 for 3 postcards and spell up to £75 for hoodies aliases a broad emblazoned pinch Swift’s face, which doubles arsenic nan astir due point to enshroud yourself successful during a achy breakup pinch TTPD connected repeat. There’s besides a £35 gold-plated type of nan relationship bracelets fans stock pinch each other, which feels for illustration it’s alternatively missing nan point, but they’re useful for immoderate offspring of oligarchs successful attendance who are keen connected buying affection.

The show is peppered pinch saccharine moments to look retired for, specified arsenic Swift handing her chapeau to a kid successful nan crowd astatine nan extremity of 22, and her trompe l’oeil dive into a “swimming pool” successful nan shape anterior to nan Midnights section. Part of nan nosy is trying to spot changes and hidden messages successful nan staging – peculiarly each nan Swift outfits of yesteryear worn by her dancers successful nan Reputation conception (Architectural Digest has a bully guide to that and nan different group designs). Even her manicure was pored complete for meaning astatine nan tour’s outset, while fans suggested nan debut of a caller bodysuit for nan Europe tally was successful homage to footballer fellow Travis Kelce, matching nan red-orange colourway of his Kansas City Chiefs kit. And past week Vogue’s Margaux Anbouba suggested that a subtle alteration successful eyeliner from earlier dates – “thicker, sharper, edgier” – was a cloaked reference to nan edgy sound of Reputation, nan re-recording of which is overmuch anticipated but still yet to beryllium announced. That’s arguably a scope – but Swift did denote her erstwhile re-recording project, for 1989, astatine Los Angeles’s SoFi Stadium, truthful UK fans are hoping to beryllium fixed that adjacent portion of Taylor news first.

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