The Great Escaper to Poolman: the seven best films to watch on TV this week

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Pick of nan week

The Great Escaper

This was Glenda Jackson’s swansong – and astir apt will beryllium her co-star Michael Caine’s excessively – truthful Oliver Parker’s fact-based drama carries a ton of emotion, moreover without its D-day commemoration plot. They play Rene and Bernie, a joined mates surviving successful a status location successful Hove. When navy seasoned Bernie misses nan deadline to be nan 70th-anniversary bash successful Normandy, he decides to popular connected a ferry and spell anyway. What originates arsenic an “old bloke connected 1 last adventure” drama develops into a communicative of love, ageing and death, arsenic Bernie relives nan trauma of conflict and Rene recalls their courtship. A deeply moving film, pinch nan 2 leads playing their life-affirming roles to nan hilt.
Friday 14 June, 7am, 12.45pm, 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere


Chris Pine arsenic Darren Barrenman successful Poolman.
California noir … Chris Pine arsenic Darren Barrenman successful Poolman. Photograph: Landmark Media/Alamy

In this jolly, silly California noir pastiche, civic-minded Los Angeles excavation cleaner and Erin Brockovich stan Darren (Chris Pine) finds himself investigating a conspiracy involving a councillor and spot developers. But his metropolis hallway interaction is nan very femme fatale-ish June Del Rey (DeWanda Wise) – truthful does that make him a useful idiot successful someone’s plot? Pine’s debut arsenic head and co-writer is simply a studied mashup of The Big Lebowski and Chinatown, pinch Lynchian apical notes and a star-laden supporting formed of Annette Bening, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Danny DeVito.
Out now, Prime Video

The Royal Hotel

Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick successful The Royal Hotel.
Stuck successful a macho world that whitethorn devour them … Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick successful The Royal Hotel. Photograph: Universal/Hanna and Liv Holdings/Screen Australia/Create NSW.

It doesn’t rather person nan levels of anarchic panic of its astir evident forebear, Australian caller activity classical Wake successful Fright, but Kitty Green’s outback drama conjures up a akin ambiance of incipient antheral violence. Julia Garner (who starred successful Green’s erstwhile movie The Assistant) and Jessica Henwick play American backpackers seeking speedy rate by moving astatine nan titular pub successful a agrarian mining town. Amid casual sexism, barroom brawls and murky caller friendships, nan duo struggle to discuss a macho world that threatens to devour them.
Saturday 8 June, 10pm, Sky Cinema Premiere

Blue Story

Micheal Ward and Stephen Odubola successful Blue Story.
Tragic … Micheal Ward and Stephen Odubola successful Blue Story. Photograph: Landmark Media/Alamy

Hip-hop storyteller Rapman’s 2019 debut feature is adapted from his YouTube tales of young Black men’s lives successful London, and he besides features present arsenic a benignant of Greek chorus relating nan tragic events. With a grim authenticity reminiscent of Top Boy, nan play follows Timmy (Stephen Odubola), who lives successful Deptford, arsenic he is sent to schoolhouse successful Peckham, wherever he becomes champion friends pinch Marco (Micheal Ward). With Marco’s elder relative a section pack leader, nan duo’s vain attempts to debar postcode beefs and turf wars puts a strain connected their relationship.
Sunday 9 June, 10pm, BBC Three

The Outsiders

Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon and C Thomas Howell successful The Outsiders.
Young guns … Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon and C Thomas Howell successful The Outsiders. Photograph: PictureLux/The Hollywood Archive/Alamy

A proto-Brat Pack outing, Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 version of nan SE Hinton caller harks backmost to nan era of Brando and Dean successful its communicative of feckless, reckless working-class boys successful 60s Tulsa. C Thomas Howell plays Ponyboy, nan 14-year-old youngster successful a parentless family tally by relative Darrel (Patrick Swayze). Both are successful nan “Greasers” gang, and their rivalry pinch nan wealthier “Socs” crossed municipality escalates successful deadly fashion. Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise adhd to nan formed of early Hollywood stars.
Sunday 9 June, 1.25am, Film4


James Woods successful Videodrome.
The eventual assemblage scary … Videodrome. Photograph: TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy

“Long unrecorded nan caller flesh!” David Cronenberg’s 1983 thriller is astir apt nan finest illustration of his “body horror” style of film-making, but it besides fed into modern fears astir nan unregulated dispersed and malign power of ocular media. James Woods, ever a terrific purveyor of sweaty paranoia, plays Max Renn, a Toronto TV position proprietor who is told astir a mysterious transmission that broadcasts snuff films. As he probes deeper, his consciousness of reality starts to melt. Hallucinatory but amazingly political, it’s still a shocking experience.
Monday 10 June, 12.10am, Sky Cinema Greats

Millions Like Us

Patricia Roc and Gordon Jackson successful Millions Like Us.
Get connected pinch it … Patricia Roc and Gordon Jackson successful Millions Like Us. Photograph: Everett Collection/Alamy

This skilful 1943 propaganda play from Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder is little Keep Calm and Carry On, much Grumble and Get On With It. When warfare comes, mean British people specified arsenic nan Crowsons buckle down – Dad joins nan Home Guard, girl Phyllis signs up for nan Auxiliary Territorial Service, and young Celia (Patricia Roc) goes disconnected to activity successful an craft factory. It’s an affecting bundle of love, class-mingling and inevitable sacrifice – and a fascinating snapshot of really 1940s Britain liked to spot itself.
Wednesday 12 June, 1.35am, Talking Pictures TV

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