The Israeli protesters trying to stop food aid getting to Gaza – podcast

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Since nan commencement of nan year, groups of Israeli demonstrators person been gathering, first connected nan separator pinch Gaza and past later successful nan West Bank, to dishonesty down successful beforehand of nutrient trucks – aliases successful nan West Bank moreover to onslaught them and their drivers – to effort to forestall nutrient assistance getting into Gaza.

Who are these protesters and why would they effort to forestall supplies from getting into nan Gaza Strip, wherever world agencies opportunity immoderate children are already starving? Emma Graham-Harrison went to speak to nan protesters to find out. She tells Michael Safi how, while their actions whitethorn look extreme, believing assistance should not beryllium sent to Gaza is simply a worryingly mainstream position successful Israel.

Michael Safi hears excessively astir different protesters – those who are trying to thief nan motortruck drivers get through. Emma tells Michael of her question and reply pinch an activistic from Standing Together who has risked his life to effort to guarantee group successful Gaza will get aid.

Israeli protesters sitting successful beforehand of a stationary lorry
Photograph: Abir Sultan/EPA

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