Three more babies die after developing whooping cough, says UKHSA

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Three much babies person died from whooping cough this twelvemonth arsenic cases proceed to emergence crossed nan country, according to nan UK Health Security Agency.

Since January, location person been 4,793 confirmed cases of whooping cough, pinch 181 babies nether nan property of 3 months diagnosed pinch nan illness. A full of 8 babies person now died from whooping cough this year.

Pregnant women person been urged to get nan whooping cough vaccine successful bid for their babies to beryllium protected earlier they are aged capable to person nan vaccine themselves.

Babies tin first beryllium vaccinated against nan illness erstwhile 8 weeks old, while pregnant women are advised to get nan vaccine astatine 16 and 32 weeks.

Experts person said nan existent number of cases is apt to beryllium higher, arsenic mild cases tin beryllium misdiagnosed pinch different respiratory illnesses successful nan early stages erstwhile nan infection tin beryllium tested for.

Dr Gayatri Amirthalingam, a advisor epidemiologist astatine UKHSA, said: “Our thoughts and condolences are pinch those families who person truthful tragically mislaid their baby.

“With whooping cough lawsuit numbers crossed nan state continuing to emergence and sadly nan further babe deaths successful April, we are again reminded really terrible nan unwellness tin beryllium for very young babies.

“Pregnant women should person a whooping cough vaccine successful each pregnancy, usually astir nan clip of their mid-pregnancy scan (usually 20 weeks). This passes protection to their babe successful nan womb truthful that they are protected from commencement successful nan first months of their life erstwhile they are astir susceptible and earlier they tin person their ain vaccines.

“The vaccine is important for pregnant women, to protect their babies from what tin beryllium a devastating illness.”

Whooping cough, besides known arsenic pertussis, is caused by a bacterium that is transmitted by coughing, sneezing aliases sharing nan aforesaid breathing abstraction arsenic an infected person. Early indications see mild, cold-like symptoms, a debased fever and occasional coughing. These usually past for 1 to 2 weeks, aft which nan coughing fits begin.

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It has been described arsenic a “cyclical” disease, meaning nan number of cases highest each fewer years. Experts person besides said location is reduced immunity against nan illness successful nan wide nationalist owed to nan coronavirus pandemic.

Prof Stephen Powis, nan nationalist aesculapian head of NHS England, said: “With cases of whooping cough continuing to emergence sharply crossed nan country, and today’s figures from UKHSA sadly showing further babe deaths, it is captious that families travel guardant to get nan protection they need.

“NHS teams are moving difficult to guarantee section vaccination services are easy accessible for each done GP practices and immoderate maternity services, and we impulse each pregnant women to get vaccinated to thief protect their babies successful nan first fewer weeks of their life – parents should besides guarantee that their children get protected successful nan first fewer months aft commencement arsenic portion of nan regular NHS vaccine offer.”

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