Three Tory candidates previously criticised party while backing others

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Three Conservative candidates successful cardinal seats person antecedently backed different parties, it tin beryllium revealed, including criticising nan Conservatives’ “inaction, hold and bluster” and posting nan hashtag #NeverTrustATory.

Two are erstwhile candidates for nan Brexit statement opinionated successful seats antecedently held by nan Conservatives – against nan Reform defector Lee Anderson successful Ashfield and successful North West Leicestershire, wherever nan erstwhile Tory MP Andrew Bridgen was suspended from nan party.

The 3rd campaigner successful Pontefract, Castleford and Knottingley is contesting Labour’s Yvette Cooper’s seat, wherever nan Conservatives came wrong 1,276 votes.

Debbie Soloman, who is opinionated against Anderson, stood for nan Brexit statement successful Bassetlaw arsenic precocious arsenic 2019 and did not guidelines down contempt an electoral pact pinch nan Conservatives.

In a bid of tweets, Soloman utilized nan hashtag #NeverTrustATory and retweeted campaigners asking why group would “trust nan Tories again”.

Soloman refused to retreat arsenic a campaigner for nan Brexit statement successful 2019, saying nan Tories had “failed to deliver” Brexit and that Conservative MPs had “betrayed nan Conservative committedness that ‘no woody is amended than a bad deal’.”

Craig Smith, nan Conservative campaigner for North West Leicestershire, was owed to beryllium nan Brexit statement campaigner successful Loughborough successful 2019. He tweeted aggregate times successful support of nan Brexit statement during nan 2019 predetermination – writing: “Vote Conservative for much years of inaction, hold and bluster” successful November 2019.

In different post, Smith said “Tories bottled it, we won’t” connected an announcement by Reform to scrap inheritance tax.

The 3rd candidate, Laura Weldon, is simply a erstwhile lawman leader of nan Yorkshire party, who has antecedently been an outspoken professional of some Labour and nan Tories and called for electoral reform. In tweets from 2019, she said that CCHQ “kneecap bully tory candidates … I don’t for illustration nan truth that it’s astir nan crippled alternatively than nan people”.

She besides said that nan 2 parties had “no spot for committed locals, only consenting sheep”. Weldon had antecedently stood for nan Yorkshire statement successful nan aforesaid seat, nether nan sanction Laura Walker.

The exodus of sitting Tory MPs from nan statement has surgery nan grounds from 1997, a full of 78 existent MPs saying they would not guidelines again connected 4 July. Anderson, a erstwhile Conservative statement vice-chair, defected to Reform aft having nan whip suspended for comments he made astir nan Labour mayor, Sadiq Khan.

He is moving again for nan statement successful Ashfield. Anderson antecedently defected to nan Conservatives earlier nan 2019 elections, having been a Labour councillor.

Bridgen was expelled from nan Conservatives aft he compared Covid vaccines to nan Holocaust. He is opinionated arsenic an independent successful nan aforesaid constituency.

A Conservative spokesperson said: “The Conservative statement is fighting for each ballot astatine this election, and we are opinionated candidates pinch a awesome breadth of acquisition crossed nan country. We person a clear plan, and are taking bold action, to present a unafraid early for our country.”

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