TV doctor Michael Mosley goes missing during holiday in Greece

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A hunt is nether measurement for nan TV expert and newspaper columnist Michael Mosley, who went missing aft going connected a coastal locomotion connected nan Greek land of Symi.

The 67-year-old, known for his appearances connected The One Show and This Morning, was past seen erstwhile he group disconnected hiking on St Nicholas formation astatine 1.30pm section clip (1130 BST) connected Wednesday. His wife, Dr Clare Bailey, alerted authorities aft he grounded to return by 7.30pm, but they were incapable to find him overnight.

A station has been shared successful a section Facebook group appealing to anyone connected nan land of astir 2,500 group who whitethorn person seen Mosley.

It said: “A hunt and rescue squad is coming from Athens pinch drones and different much blase instrumentality to widen nan search.

“Have you seen this man? He group disconnected to locomotion backmost from St Nick’s astatine astir 13.30 and grounded to make it home. His friends are concerned arsenic it is 6 hours since they past saw him. His sanction is Dr Mike Mosley and he is simply a acquainted look for galore British people.”

Greek constabulary told nan Guardian a chopper and specially trained dogs were owed to subordinate what has go a monolithic hunt for Mosley connected nan distant Aegean isle.

“We’ve sewage each work imaginable retired location looking for him,” said a constabulary main overseeing nan cognition who said connected information of anonymity. “He was officially reported missing this greeting and now location are police, firemen and volunteers progressive successful nan search.”

A drone was besides being utilized and nan Hellenic coastguard has been instructed to patrol nan island’s rugged coast. “We are moving connected nan presumption that he mightiness person been affected by nan heat, that he mightiness person slipped and fallen possibly from a height. Right now thing is being ruled out.”

A elder information charismatic progressive successful nan ngo said nan hunt for nan Briton had begun to lucifer “a thriller”. Mosley, he said, was being hosted by friends connected nan land “where distances are short”. And, yet, location had been nary sightings of him.

“It’s crazy, it makes nary sense,” he said. “How tin personification conscionable vanish successful wide daylight, successful nan mediate of nan day? If thing had happened to him we would person recovered him on, aliases near, nan way he was stepping on connected his measurement backmost to nan larboard wherever he was staying pinch friends. And, yet, each these hours later there’s nothing.”

Rumours of a sighting adjacent a autobus extremity successful nan edifice of Pedi were dismissed aft a CCTV camera was checked, different constabulary serviceman said.

The hunt is expected to beryllium further expanded connected Friday erstwhile other squads of constabulary get from Rhodes on pinch dogs trained by nan occurrence brigade.

Mosley is simply a columnist for nan Daily Mail and has made a number of documentaries astir fare and exercise, including nan Channel 4 show Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? He was besides portion of nan BBC bid Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.

He lived pinch tapeworms successful his courage for six weeks for nan documentary Infested! Living With Parasites connected BBC Four.

Mosley is besides credited for nan rising fame of nan 5:2 diet, which involves fasting for 2 days a week to suffer weight. He has antecedently been named “medical journalist of nan year” by nan British Medical Association.

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