TV tonight: a rage-fuelled, harrowing look at maternity wards in the UK

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Maternity: Broken Trust

Sunday, 10.15pm, ITV1

A furious, harrowing but ever delicate documentary astir caller parents who person gone done nan unimaginable – and are fighting for hospitals to return responsibility. It starts pinch Sarah and Jack, whose girl Harriet was stillborn astatine nan infirmary they some worked at. After being told it was owed to an infection, an inquest later recovered nan decease was preventable. They are portion of a group of parents pinch akin experiences; 1 mates were accused of depriving their twins of oxygen aft raising concerns that were ignored (one of nan children died). From waiting years to person infirmary records to being told they don’t retrieve things correctly, their stories are shocking. Hollie Richardson

Soccer Aid for Unicef 2024

6pm, ITV1

A frivolous juncture pinch a deadly superior purpose: this kickabout astatine Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge raises money for Unicef’s never-more-vital humanitarian activity by inviting celebrities including Erin Doherty and Martin Compston to effort their luck alongside footballers specified arsenic Eden Hazard, Ellen White and Theo Walcott. Always good, silly fun. Phil Harrison

Inside Classical: Brahms Symphony No 4

8.30pm, BBC Four

Glasgow’s City Halls hosts a programme loosely themed astir nan conception of nan quality spirit. The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra execute Brahms’s awesome romanticist symphony, conducted by Gemma New. Plus, there’s a yearning violin solo successful Samuel Barber’s 1930s concerto, while Sarah Gibson’s 2019 Warp and Weft is inspired by feminist creator Miriam Schapiro. Ellen E Jones

On Thin Ice: Putin vs Greenpeace

9pm, BBC Two

In 2013, a group of Greenpeace activists took action against Russia’s Arctic lipid drilling by attempting to connect a pod to a rig. It was stopped erstwhile Russian authorities tracked, followed and arrested them. In this chaotic six-parter, those progressive show nan terrifying communicative of events that led to months of imprisonment – an oh-so-clear connection from Putin. As 1 of them succinctly puts it: “The plan, I deliberation you tin say, went to shit.” HR

The Piano: The Final

9pm, Channel 4

It’s clip for nan last performance but surely thing tin lucifer nan affectional punch of past year’s victor Lucy? The 7 giving it a bully changeable see Michael, singing successful his ain madeup language, Ukrainian Daria, introverted Teddy, 10-year-old Sum and a astonishment wildcard contestant. HR

Shetland: Scotland’s Wondrous Isles

9pm, Channel 5

Thor blimey: it whitethorn beryllium much than 550 years since nan Danes gave Shetland to nan Scots arsenic portion of a royal wedding dowry but Viking traditions still tally deep. The picturesque travelogue goes down nan scenes of nan Scalloway occurrence festival, featuring cheery Norse warriors connected parade and a longboat group ablaze. Graeme Virtue

Film choice

Blue Story, 10pm, BBC Three

Blue Story connected BBC Three
Blue Story connected BBC Three Photograph: Landmark Media/Alamy

Hip-hop storyteller Rapman’s 2019 debut characteristic is adapted from his YouTube tales of young Black men’s lives successful London, and he besides features present arsenic a benignant of Greek chorus relating nan tragic events. With a grim authenticity reminiscent of Top Boy, nan play follows Timmy (Stephen Odubola), who lives successful Deptford, arsenic he is sent to schoolhouse successful Peckham, wherever he becomes champion friends pinch Marco (Micheal Ward). With Marco’s elder relative a section pack leader, nan duo’s vain attempts to debar postcode beefs and turf wars puts a strain connected their relationship. Simon Wardell

The Outsiders, 1.25am, Film4

A proto-Brat Pack outing, Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 type of nan SE Hinton caller harks backmost to nan era of Brando and Dean successful its communicative of feckless, reckless working-class boys successful 60s Tulsa. C Thomas Howell plays Ponyboy, nan 14-year-old youngster successful a parentless family tally by relative Darrel (Patrick Swayze). Both are successful nan “Greasers” gang, and their rivalry pinch nan wealthier “Socs” crossed municipality escalates successful deadly fashion. Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise adhd to nan formed of early Hollywood stars. SW

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