TV tonight: Jerrod Carmichael’s remarkable and deeply uncomfortable comedy

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Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show

10pm, Sky Comedy
A singular and profoundly uncomfortable comedy, successful which nan comedian, writer and film-maker Jerrod Carmichael confronts each mode of evasions, trauma and awkwardness. In nan first section of this week’s double bill, he encourages his friend Jamar to tackle difficult puerility incidents connected shape and successful nan guise of standup. Then, successful Homecoming, he introduces his profoundly belief mother to his boyfriend, Mike. Phil Harrison

Gardeners’ World

8pm, BBC Two
To person pumpkins fresh successful clip for Halloween you request to works them astir now-ish, apparently. So, pinch summertime (technically) connected nan march, Monty gets immoderate seeds successful nan ground. Meanwhile, Sue explores a unsocial Carmarthenshire garden, while Carol teaches america really to turn plants for free. Ali Catterall

9pm, BBC Two
Every classical state location is astir showing off, really, and successful this section of nan bid narrated by Downton’s butler (yes, that’s nan character Jim Carter doing nan voiceover), we perceive astir nan value of Saltram House, successful Plympton, Devon, to nan awesome 18th-century nine image creator Joshua Reynolds. Ellen E Jones

The Young Offenders

9.30pm, BBC One
The bawdy, big-hearted Cork drama is accelerated approaching nan extremity of its 4th bid and mediocre Jock (Chris Walley) is still banged up successful a Colombian prison. With Jock’s girl astir to move six, it falls to his eejit bestie, Conor (Alex Murphy), to bodge together a bodycam to facilitate a clandestine day video call. Graeme Virtue

Dani and Danny Dyer.
Couch potatoes … Dani and Danny Dyer. Photograph: Jude Edginton/Channel 4

Celebrity Gogglebox

10.10pm, Channel 4
A caller bid of nan (oddly less involving) personage helping of nan sofa murphy staple. Running nan norm complete the week’s telly will beryllium Danny and Dani Dyer, Rylan Clark and his mum, Linda, and Jennifer Saunders and her daughter, Beattie Edmondson. PH

The Nevermets

11.15pm, Channel 4
More from nan bid pursuing online relationships arsenic they modulation into nan beingness realm. This time, Matt from Warrington and Maria from nan Philippines yet get together aft a three‑year virtual courtship – but tin face-to-face reality perchance dream to lucifer up to nan virtual version? PH

Film choice

Hit Man (Richard Linklater, 2023), Netflix

Glen Powell pinch Adria Arjona successful Hit Man
Glen Powell pinch Adria Arjona successful Hit Man.

Ostensibly based connected a existent story, Richard Linklater’s immensely enjoyable drama thriller has overmuch much to it than nan bizarre facts of nan case. Glen Powell – successful a star-making move – plays mild-mannered assemblage coach Gary, who moonlights doing tech activity for nan constabulary connected sting operations. One day, nan undercover bull is unavailable, truthful Gary steps successful to airs arsenic a hitman for prosecute – and discovers a talent for playing nan bad guy. But erstwhile he falls for Maddy (Andor’s Adria Arjona), who wants her convulsive hubby bumped off, his disguise slips. Powell and Arjona bring a frisson reminiscent of Clooney and Lopez successful Out of Sight, their energy nan icing connected nan barroom of a twisty crime caper. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Men’s world football: England v Iceland 7pm, Channel 4. A friends astatine Wembley Stadium.

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