UK general election 2024 live: Minister defends ‘deeply patriotic’ Sunak after PM’s decision to abandon D-day events

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The Labour protector justness secretary, Shabana Mahmood, has defended her statement from being “changed into nan Conservatives”.

Responding to a remark made by Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer during Friday’s seven-way BBC statement that Labour had “changed into nan Conservatives”, Mahmood said: “That’s precisely nan benignant of worldly you’d expect from immoderate of nan smaller parties.”

She told Sky News: “There are billions of pounds worthy of quality betwixt america and nan Tory party, because we will make different decisions.

“For example, levying VAT connected backstage schoolhouse fees, we will get non-doms to salary their adjacent share. We’ll make judge lipid and state giants salary their adjacent stock pinch nan due windfall tax. That is simply a large quality betwixt america and nan Tory party.”

Mahmood said Labour would make prisons “of nationalist importance”.

She said: “From time one, a Labour Government will deem prisons to beryllium of nationalist importance. It intends that nan readying determination is yet made by ministers, alternatively than going done nan accustomed section authority readying process.

“So we tin move overmuch faster than this Government, who person fto themselves get bogged down by backbencher complaints and nan readying process, truthful we tin present nan afloat 20,000 [prison places].”

Nigel Farage has defended his declare that Rishi Sunak’s early exit from D-day commemoration events successful France demonstrated that he did not understand “our culture”.

Asked if he was trying to item Sunak’s British-Asian background, Farage pointed to nan publication made by Commonwealth troops and suggested he was talking astir nan premier minister’s “class” and “privilege”.

The Reform UK leader told BBC1’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg programme: “I cognize what your mobility is starring astatine – 40% of our publication successful nan first world warfare and nan 2nd world warfare came from nan Commonwealth.

“He is utterly disconnected by class, by privilege from really nan mean people successful this state feel. He revealed that, I deliberation spectacularly, erstwhile he near Normandy early.

“And retired location now location are millions and millions of group who were Conservative voters, accepted Conservative voters, not nan red-wallers, who are now reasoning ‘Do we spell connected supporting nan Conservatives aliases do we support Reform?’

“And this is going to be, I think, nan acerb trial of this election.”

Paul Johnson, head of nan Institute for Fiscal Studies, said Labour and nan Conservatives “don’t really want to talk astir nan standard of nan situation facing them”, should they triumph nan election.

He told Sky News:

Both parties person tied themselves to the, successful my view, alternatively bizarre fiscal norm which is they want indebtedness down.

They don’t want to talk astir taxation increases because that frightens nan voters.

Maybe they’re conscionable hoping they get lucky.

Labour told Unite they will create capable jobs to screen imaginable losses successful nan lipid and state sector, aft nan national did not endorse nan party’s manifesto, Labour protector justness caput Shabana Mahmood has said.

She told Sky News:

Unite person immoderate areas of argumentation wherever they would astir apt want america to spell further but they did not push immoderate of those issues to a vote.

[Unite] recognise that really alteration is coming, nan rumor is velocity and modulation connected which we were capable to supply assurances connected plans that person been backed by independent experts.

We will create complete 100,000 jobs arsenic portion of our plans. These are bully value jobs successful nan aforesaid sector.

Asked if nan Unite activity had assurance successful those assurances, Mahmood said:

That’s a matter for Unite and their ain soul guidance of their union.

Minister defends 'deeply patriotic' Sunak aft PM's determination to time off D-day day events

Work and Pensions caput Mel Stride has told Sky News that Rishi Sunak “deeply regrets” his determination to time off D-day 80th day events early.

Speaking to Trevor Phillips this morning, Stride said that nan premier curate was “deeply patriotic” and committed to supporting veterans, aft he was roundly criticised for leaving France up of different world leaders to movie a tv interview.

Stride said:

He has recognised that he made a mistake. He profoundly regrets that he has apologised unequivocally for that.

The premier curate has accepted that he made a mistake. He has apologised unequivocally for that.

And I deliberation he will beryllium emotion this personally, very profoundly because he’s a profoundly patriotic person. He will beryllium profoundly uncomfortable pinch what has happened.

Stride besides said that Sunak would “absolutely” lead nan statement into nan predetermination connected 4 July, dismissing suggestions that nan Conservative leader whitethorn beryllium replaced earlier polling day.

“There should beryllium nary mobility of thing different than that,” he said.

Welcome and opening summary

On this 3rd Sunday of nan wide predetermination campaign, coming will not beryllium a time of remainder for nan governmental parties vying for votes.

Sir Keir Starmer and protector location caput Yvette Cooper are retired successful nan eastbound of England, wherever they will group retired Labour’s plans to ace down connected antisocial behaviour. While successful Scotland, first curate John Swinney and will beryllium connected nan run way pinch SNP candidates successful Paisley, and Scottish Tory lawman leader Meghan Gallacher will beryllium retired pinch Perth and Kinross-shire campaigner Luke Graham.

And successful nan studio, Laura Kuenssberg is joined by Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride, protector justness caput Shabana Mahmood, Reform UK leader Nigel Farage and SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, pinch Former location caput Amber Rudd, Fire Brigades Union wide caput Matt Wrack and businessman John Caudwell connected nan panel.

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