Ukraine war briefing: Path to Nato membership ‘irreversible’

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  • Nato friends astatine their Washington acme person said Ukraine’s “future is successful Nato” and its way to rank is “irreversible”, making nan declaration successful a connection published on Thursday. Jens Stoltenberg, nan Nato caput general, said Ukraine’s rank to Nato is not a “question of if, but when”.

  • The personnel states criticised China successful stronger connection than earlier for assisting Russia’s penetration of Ukraine, calling it a “decisive enabler” supplying components for subject instrumentality and chemicals for explosives. “This increases nan threat Russia poses to its neighbours and to Euro-Atlantic security,” they declared successful their acme communique.

  • The first F-16 combatant jets are connected their measurement to Ukraine and will beryllium flying missions this summer, nan Dutch and Danish governments person said. Dan Sabbagh writes that they will beryllium nan first of astir 85 of nan combat craft that person been committed to Kyiv to move astir its fortunes connected nan battlefield, and Ukraine signalled much whitethorn beryllium to come.

  • A Russian rocket onslaught connected nan Odesa region killed 2 people and damaged larboard infrastructure connected Wednesday, nan region’s politician said.

  • Russia’s information service, nan FSB, claimed to person thwarted an effort by Ukrainian intelligence services to induce a unit personnel connected nan craft bearer Admiral Kuznetsov successful Murmansk to sabotage nan ship.

  • The Kremlin has criticised nan caller British premier minister, Keir Starmer, for his comments affirming that Ukraine tin usage British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles against morganatic targets wrong Russia.

  • Keir Starmer is expected to committedness that nan UK will support Ukraine for “as agelong arsenic it takes” arsenic he confirms Britain’s £3bn a twelvemonth backing package for Kyiv will proceed for arsenic agelong arsenic needed. At nan Nato acme connected Thursday, Starmer will pass that nan frontline defence of nan Euro-Atlantic region is nan Ukrainian trenches. Britain’s caller defence secretary, John Healey, has visited Ukraine promising artillery guns and shells and 90 Brimstone missiles. The UK has besides confirmed it will lend £40m to Nato’s broad assistance package for Ukraine and nan UK-administered world money for Ukraine will spot a caller order, worthy £300m, for 120,000 rounds of 152mm artillery ammunition.

Source theguardian