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17th over: USA 132-3 ( Nitish 4, Jones 20) Target 160 Naseem it is, concatenation sitting wide astir his neck, he has bowled good tonight. Swing, accuracy, 5 singles, and a wide. 28 needed disconnected 18.

“I’m not astatine nan stadium, but your speculation early doors astir foodstuffs astatine Grand Prairie besides piqued my interest. I would person expected nan accustomed ballpark fare, and it’s apt that popcorn, wings, nachos and truthful distant are each coming and correct.,” says Stephen Davenport.

“But astatine slightest during Major League Cricket past twelvemonth location were South Asian nutrient stands (run by a mini section concatenation called ‘Foodistan’) trading samosas, biryani, chickenhearted tikka and whatnot, positive an ‘Indian-style’ brew (brewed successful Louisiana); and you’d deliberation it would beryllium akin today. This has now made maine peckish but I americium fortunate capable to person akin leftovers to lukewarm up. No Louisianan-Indian beer, though.”

Thank you Stephen successful Indianapolis! And bask your leftovers.

16th over: USA 126-3 ( Nitish 2, Jones 17) Target 160 The past complete of spin, from Shadab. Jones slog-sweeps for two, then, for illustration he did against Canada, hugely for six. Watchful hostility successful nan crowd. 34 needed disconnected 4 overs.

15th over: USA 115-3 ( Nitish 1, Jones 4) Target 160 Suddenly nan switch. Two caller batters astatine nan crease. Just 4 from nan over. 45 needed.

WICKET! Monank c Rizwan b Amir 50 (USA 111-3)

Monank goes for nan dollar changeable but gets an edge, gratefully received by Rizwan connected nan dive.

Monank Patel walks disconnected aft being retired for a superb half-century.
Monank Patel walks disconnected aft being retired for a superb half-century. Photograph: Matt Roberts/ICC/Getty Images

14th over: USA 111-2 ( Monank 50, Jones 4) Target 160 But arsenic Gous goes, Pakistan must now look Jones who powered that magnificent innings against Canada. He’s disconnected nan people pinch a fortunate wrong separator for 4 done good leg, 3 wides arsenic good successful nan over.

WICKET! Gous b Haris 35 (USA 104-2)

Feet successful robust boots, Gous can’t get this 1 distant and loses nan trimmings of his stumps.

Andries Gous is retired for 35 fantabulous runs.
Andries Gous is retired for 35 fantabulous runs. Photograph: Matt Roberts-ICC/ICC/Getty Images

13th over: USA 104-1 ( Monank 50, Gous 35) Target 160 Afridi speeds in, agelong legs, approaching gloom. Monanck plays and misses astatine nan first ball, sends nan 2nd tumbling done mid-off for 4 and reaches his half period pinch a six complete Afridi’s head. Huge applause arsenic he blows a buss to nan sky. Brilliant innings. Easy pickings.

12th over: USA 94-1 ( Monank 40, Gous 35) Whatever nan mobility was, Iftikhar isn’t nan answer. Monanck picks up 2 consecutive fours, swinging him complete cover. Pakistan get into a greenish huddle and inquire for a caller ball. The umpire agrees and nan new-old shot is handed to Shaheen Shah Afridi. USA request 66 disconnected 48.

11th over: USA 84-1 ( Monank 34, Gous 31) Gous showing conscionable why he’s truthful highly rated, pulling Naseem for 4 complete heavy midwicket. Lots of Pakistan hands connected hips successful nan field. A slow bouncer complete Monank’s caput is called wide, Naseem keeping it tighter than astir though.

10th over: USA 76-1 ( Monank 30, Gous 28) Shadab gives a shot plentifulness of air, Gous sniffs and and fames it complete nan sightscreen for six. Drinks, pinch USA good ahead, needing 84 from nan past ten.

Oof, Andries Gous wallops a six.
Oof, Andries Gous wallops a six. Photograph: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

9th over: USA 65-1 ( Monank 28, Gous 20) USA making speedy singles look easy wherever Pakistan made it look for illustration plucking petals disconnected daisies successful wicketkeeping gloves . USA bowled 47 dot balls to Pakistan, not judge Pakistan are going to scope those heady heights. One dot from Haris Rauf’s complete but a thrust done backward constituent brings a bound from nan past ball.

8th over: USA 56-1 ( Monank 24, Gous 15) Now Shadab – tin he make nan breakthrough? No, but he does slows nan scoring. Win predictor springiness USA a 62 per cent chance of triumph and Pakistan request wickets fast. USA could commencement to cramp arsenic nan reality of imaginable triumph starts to descend in, but showing nary signs of it here.

7th over: USA 51-1 ( Monank 20, Gous 14) USA jauntily placed aft nan powerfulness play. Haris Rauf, who was nan champion bowler connected show astatine The Oval successful Pakistan’s past match, gets his turn. Gous tucks into a afloat flip and dispatches it elegantly for 4 – nan camera picks up Babar throwing retired his arms successful dismay.

A bully publication from Ali connected Jofra Archer:

6th over: USA 44-1 ( Monank 19, Gous 8) Naseem astir gets a 2nd instantly arsenic Gous edges conscionable short of Iftikhar astatine slip, and it squeaks done nan fingers and down to nan rope. Gous picks up a 2nd 4 pinch a short equipped pull.

WICKET! Taylor c Rizwan b Naseem 12 (USA 36-1)

That’s much for illustration it. Length perfection and an extracurricular separator into nan gloves of Rizwan.

Naseem Shah celebrates pinch teammates aft nan dismissal of Steven Taylor..
Naseem Shah celebrates pinch teammates aft nan dismissal of Steven Taylor.. Photograph: Tony Gutierrez/AP

5th over: USA 36-0 (Taylor 12, Monank 19) Amir backmost from nan different end. Keeps his radar this clip but still 8 from nan over, including a short 1 pulled for 4 by Monank.

4th over: USA 28-0 (Taylor 9, Monank 14) Mohammad Amir doesn’t get a 2nd over, arsenic Babar throws nan shot to Naseem. He manages to stem nan flow, pinch conscionable 4 from nan over. Stars and stripes being waved successful nan crowd arsenic spectators crouch from nan blazing sun nether umbrellas.

3rd over: USA 24-0 (Taylor 7, Monank 12) Afridi starts pinch 2 dots, a azygous follows and different leg-side wide. A very unhappy Afridi past has to watch Monack get a heavy separator and nan shot alert past an unmoving Iftikhar astatine slip. The adjacent shot is simply a dodgy afloat flip driven for 4 pinch aplomb. A immense entreaty to nan last shot – Pakistan inquire nan mobility but it pitches extracurricular limb – truthful they suffer a review. Not an perfect commencement this for Pakistan.

2nd over: USA 14-0 (Taylor 6, Monank 4) Amir starts pinch 2 wides – not nan commencement Rizwan was after. A ace extremity astatine backward constituent prevents a boundary. Eeek, different legside wide. Babar marches down Amir arsenic he walks backmost to his people to susurration words of wisdom. Good spot from nan commentators – Pakistan person already bowled much wides than USA did successful Pakistan’s full innings. Monack throws nan bat and picks up 4 arsenic nan shot flies disconnected nan toed extremity done backward constituent for four. I deliberation he’s surgery his bat.

1st over: USA 6-0 (Taylor 4, Monank 0) Afridi, tall, bearded. A 3rd shot wide, a 4th shot afloat flip which Taylor pans to nan extra-cover boundary. A very enthusiastic Rizwan appeals for a drawback disconnected nan past – nan shot has flicked thing but nan umpire says no, and successful nan extremity Pakistan determine not to review. Just arsenic good arsenic it flicked nan pad.

USA request 160 to win

Here we go! How will nan USA header pinch Shaheen Shah Afridi?

I’m going to grab a speedy cup of tea. Back v shortly.

20th over: Pakistan 159-7 ( Afridi 23, Haris 3) Afridi swings and misses astatine a bouncer from Ali Khan – tries to bargain 2 runs disconnected a dormant shot and is firmly put successful his spot by nan umpires. Swings and misses astatine nan second. Pakistan struggling to get bat connected ball, a mates of singles, a wide, past boom-boom six complete nan show surface and into nan apical tier. “Afridi” outcry nan crowd, but he can’t oblige disconnected nan past shot from nan superb Ali Khan, pinching conscionable a azygous disconnected a yorker.

Brilliant by USA, who now get to pursuit a gettable target astatine a crushed where, according to nan USA captain, chasing is nan easiest of nan suites.

19th over: Pakistan 149-7 ( Afridi 15, Haris 2) The extremity of a superb bowling capacity by Netravalkar – Afridi tonks six complete long-on pinch awesome panache, astir falls to nan past shot , apical edging into nan stratosphere but nan shot lands safely.

WICKET! Iftikhar lbw Natravalkar 18 (Pakistan 139-7)

Given retired instantly connected nan pitch, Pakistan review. Let’s spot – a slower afloat flip that Iftikhar misses arsenic he goes for a sweep: nary wrong separator but it bellows into nan beforehand pad connected limb stump. Pakistan could person done pinch him location correct till nan end.

18th over: Pakistan 139-6 (Iftikhar 18, Afridi 7 ) Ali Khan pinch nan 18th, Afridi has a chaotic plaything astatine a afloat flip and picks up four. But nary much boundaries, and a v clever action of yorkers to restrict nan scoring.

17th over: Pakistan 132-6 (Iftikhar 16, Afridi 2 ) Iftikhar cuts a juicy wide 1 to nan heavy 3rd boundary, but Anderson responds by tightening everything up and location is only six from nan over.

“A very absorbing tussle betwixt nan knowledgeable but nervy Pakistan and nan caller kids connected nan artifact known arsenic nan USA squad who are playing exceptionally, particularly nan slow left-armer Kenjigge.” writes Colum Fordham.

“Azam Khan is defintely an enigma, pinch nan build of Oliver Hardy. His aureate duck doesn’t animate aft his comic wicket-keeping against England successful nan warm-up matches.” Choices for nan selectors up of India v Pakistan successful New York connected Sunday .

16th over: Pakistan 126-6 (Iftikhar 11, Afridi 1 ) Babar starts nan complete pinch a spot of magic, wafting Jasdeep complete extra-cover for six. Four much arsenic Iftikhar cuts past a diving fielder, but 1 angling successful does for Babar, and now Iftikhar must guideline nan tail to 150 and beyond.

WICKET! Babar lbw Jasdeep 44 (Pakistan 125-4)

The large one! Looks straight…up goes nan finger. Babar reviews astatine nan past 2nd because – well, why not. But nan TV reappraisal shows nan shot nipping nan apical of limb stump.

Jessy Singh celebrates nan dismissal of Pakistan's skipper Babar Azam.
Jessy Singh celebrates nan dismissal of Pakistan's skipper Babar Azam. Photograph: Tony Gutierrez/AP

15th over: Pakistan 113--5 (Babar 37, Iftikhar 6) Babar tucks into a agelong hop from Harmeet. And pinch 5 overs left, clip for Pakistan to put their ft down.

14th over: Pakistan 107--5 (Babar 32, Iftikhar 6) Singles, past Iftikhar throws nan bat astatine a wide 1 from Ali Khan and nan shot flies past nan diving fielder to nan rope. Valuable booty.

13th over: Pakistan 99-5 (Babar 29, Iftikhar 0) Kenjige denied a hat-trick by Iftikhar’s patient defence, but harm done conscionable arsenic Pakistan were teeing off. Kenjige cock-a-hoop!

WICKET! Azam Khan lbw Kenjige 0 (Pakistan 98-5)

Ah man, a aureate duck for Azam. Pretty straight. He consults Babar and reviews, but starts stepping erstwhile nan replay is shown connected nan large screen, and judge capable it is umpire’s call. It ne'er rains, etc.

WICKET! Shadab c b Kenjige 40 (Pakistan 98-4)

Brilliant two-handed drawback astatine short good limb arsenic Shadab, aft a fewer minutes being treated for dehydration, goes information nan corner.

12th over: Pakistan 93-3 (Babar 28, Shadab 36) The returning Harmeet is welcomed by a flurry of blows arsenic Babar dances again and disdainfully bursts six , and Shadab proffers a one-kneed nine for four. The past ball, a afloat toss, is greeted pinch a thrusting pad and flowing bat and nan shot flies done nan hands/over nan fingertips of nan leaping Taylor connected nan statement for six! Pakistan now connected nan march.

11th over: Pakistan 66-3 (Babar 20, Shadab 25) Babar, replenished, dances down nan field, not wholly without risk, and tonks Kenjige backmost complete his head.

Pakistan's Captain Babar Azam.
Pakistan's Captain Babar Azam. Photograph: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

10th over: Pakistan 66-3 (Babar 14, Shadab 23) Shadab has had capable , slams Jasdeep Singh’s first shot for six complete agelong leg, pans his 2nd complete midwicket for six more. A wide, a fistful of singles and nan first 4 of nan innings astatine precisely nan half measurement constituent arsenic Babar wristily whips to nan statement . Drinks each round.

9th over: Pakistan 46-3 (Babar 9, Shadab 9) A fewer overs of tippy-tappy calm, but Pakistan will request to commencement squirrelling runs a small much efficaciously – Babar presently 9 disconnected 23, Shadab 9 disconnected 13. Hamreet Singh reels done different neat over.

8th over: Pakistan 40-3 (Babar 6, Shadab 7) Jasdeep, hairsbreadth successful a wrap, is called into nan attack. Tight lines. Babar drives smartly but is thwarted by a fielder astatine mid-off. Beautiful bluish skies and a very afloat stadium.

7th over: Pakistan 35-3 (Babar 5, Shadab 4) Harmeet Singh, formerly of India U-19, whips done a first complete of his left-arm spin. Shadab not wholly astatine ease.

6th over: Pakistan 30-3 (Babar 4, Shadab 1) A speedy azygous ending successful a assemblage dive to get nan bosom racing. Only 3 disconnected nan complete and, astatine nan extremity of nan powerfulness play, an electrical USA person restricted Pakistan to conscionable 5 an over.

“Net’ bowling beautifully,” writes Dean Kinsella. “1 wkt for 5 runs disconnected 2 powerplay overs brings a full caller meaning to Net’ tally rate.”

5th over: Pakistan 27-3 (Babar 2, Shadab 0) Babar opinionated watching nan wreckage, though could himself person been run-out disconnected a limb bye. A wide is nan only prize for Pakistan.

WICKET! Fakhar Zaman c Taylor b Ali Khan 11 (Pakistan 26-3)

Oh dear, ohio dear. Fakhar tries a wobbly scoop and is caught astatine short good limb by that man Taylor again.

Fakhar Zaman of Pakistan.
Fakhar Zaman of Pakistan. Photograph: Matt Roberts-ICC/ICC/Getty Images

4th over: Pakistan 22-2 (Babar 1, Fakhar 7) Only 1 from Netravalkar’s cautiously curated over. Babar struggling for oomph.

And an email drops, hullo Beau Dure! “I americium so of nan aforesaid property -- not only do I deliberation of JR and Sue Ellen, but I retrieve that nan Dallas taxable opus was the piece to study connected clarinet to get instant middle-school set cred.

“If that sounds excessively geeky, I tin attest my interests are now overmuch much divers -- which I why I’m watching this crippled connected TV and gave a outcry successful nan location erstwhile nan US squad took their 2nd wicket.”

Beau, no-one tin beryllium excessively geeky for nan OBO. FYI, astatine my school, nan go-to taxable opus for nan flute (I didn’t play) was Memory.

3rd over: Pakistan 21-2 (Babar 1, Fakhar 7) I dream this isn’t going to move into 1 of those occasions erstwhile nan wheels falls disconnected task Pakistan, soon followed by nan windscreen wipers, nan footwear and nan doors. Fakhar Zaman belts six from his first shot to settee nerves.

WICKET! Usman c Kumar b Kenjige (Pakistan 14-2)

Usman has an onslaught of nan wham-bams and picks retired 1 of only 2 players extracurricular nan circle, Kumar astatine agelong off, who watches nan drawback driblet into his hands.

2nd over: Pakistan 13-1 (Babar 1, Usman 3) A Roger Harper-esque effort by Taylor, leaves Pakistan fans successful nan crowd successful open-mouthed dismay. Super bowling by Netravalkar.

WICKET! Rizwan c Taylor b Netravalkar 9 (Pakistan 9-1)

Unbelievable catch! At gaffe Taylor swallow dives to his correct to pluck from nan aerial a squared-up Rizwan. A chunky separator and a plunge astatine afloat stretch, agelong sleeved limb hyperextended retired and behind.

1st over: Pakistan 9-0 (Rizwan 9, Babar 0) Nosthush Kenjige is going to unfastened pinch his slow near arm. Rizwan makes nan astir of nan smallest 63m bound and gets things rolling pinch a slog-sweep for six disconnected nan 3rd shot .

Here travel nan anthems – accompanied by immense flags. Pakistan first, hands connected bosom from nan players and nan crowd. A jaunty number. America’s a alternatively heart-wrung unaccompanied type of nan Star Spangled banner.

The players are connected nan transportation and raring to spell – will we get a first people complete 200 today?

Pakistan XI

Pakistan XI: Babar Azam (c), Muhammad Rizwan (wk), Usman Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Azam Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Shadab Khan, Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Amir, Haris Rauf.

Looks for illustration Rizwan will return nan gloves, and Azam Khan plays arsenic a master batter. Poor kid has truthful overmuch maltreatment that he ended up disabling his instagram and deleting each his photos.


One change: slow near armer Nostush Kenjige comes in

USA XI: Monank Patel (c, wk), Steven Taylor, Andries Gous, Aaron Jones, Nitish Kumar, Corey Anderson, Harmeet Singh, Jessy Singh, Nosthush Kenjige, Saurabh Netravalkar, Ali Khan.

USA triumph nan flip and will bowl!

Monank Patel makes nan astir of Babar Azam calling wrongly and USA will section first connected a time of basking sunchine and bluish skies.

“Chasing present is easier,” he says. “The measurement we chased down full was entertaining. Have momentum, want to proceed that. I’m excited for this challenge.”

Babar would person done nan same.

And while we hold for nan toss, happy day Pakistan umpiring fable Aleem Dar!

🏆 Won nan David Shepherd Trophy for ICC umpire of nan twelvemonth from 2009-2011
🥇 Most matches arsenic an umpire successful men's ODIs and Tests
🥇 Officiated successful 453 world matches
⭐ Former personnel of nan ICC Elite Panel of Umpires

Happy birthday, Aleem Dar! 🎂

— Pakistan Cricket (@TheRealPCB) June 6, 2024

Weather watch

According to nan forecasters, it is presently 27 degrees C down successful Dallas, rising to 34 degrees by mid-afternoon. A ray breeze to buss your neck. I wonderment what are they serving for snacks successful nan stadium – if you are there, please settee my curiosity:

Here is Andy Bull’s return on nan opening crippled astatine nan Grand Prairie Stadium.


Hello! If Dallas to you spells JR and Sue Ellen, congratulations. Pin nan tail connected nan donkey and walk nan Tizer - you’re arsenic aged arsenic me. Today, however., it spells cricket: hosting nan 3rd of 4 World Cup games successful nan city, betwixt USA and Pakistan successful nan tantalising group A.

Unlike successful New York, nan transportation astatine nan Grand Prairie cricket stadium has been decent - offering runs to nan batters and transportation and bounce to nan bowlers. Pakistan, who play their first crippled of nan competition, person had their warm-up troubles – rainfall successful England, rainfall successful Dallas, wounded to Imad Wasim and contention complete nan wicketkeeping position. In trying to bring runs to nan late-middle bid they slotted PSL Imtiaz Ahmed grant victor Azam Khan into nan gloves, pinch reasonably hapless results successful last ODI astatine The Oval. It remains to beryllium spot whether Mohammad Rizwan, a acold neater, much acrobatic keeper, takes them back.

USA are buzzing connected nan backmost of their thrashing of Canada successful nan opening crippled of nan tournament, acknowledgment mostly to Aaron Jones 94 not retired disconnected 40 balls. The US (four wins retired of five) really person a amended caller grounds than Pakistan (two wins retired of five) truthful contempt Pakistan being nan odds-on-favourite, this is nan benignant of seaweed they sometimes gaffe up on.

Play starts astatine 4.30pm BST. See you here.

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