USA v South Africa: T20 Cricket World Cup – live

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USA triumph nan flip and vessel first

Sunny, basking and humid successful Antigua. With what looks to beryllium a beardown breeze crossed nan ground, shirts billowing, a toupée botherer. Shaun Pollock is successful nan mediate and says he doesn’t deliberation it will beryllium a precocious scoring wicket (it’s nan unused transportation number 5, for each you transportation nerds retired there).

USA person won nan flip and will vessel first. “We’re going to spell pinch nan other spinner,” Aaron Jones says aft calling nan coin correctly. “I don’t deliberation it’s (the pitch) is going to beryllium excessively different to Dallas.”

Aidan Markram admits he wasn’t wholly judge what to do had he won nan toss. “We would besides person leaned towards bowling but we’re not excessively bothered pinch nan consequence of nan toss.”

I’ll station nan teams successful a sec.


James Wallace

James Wallace

In Pythagorean numerology nan number 8 represents victory, prosperity and overcoming. You knew that of course. The USA cricket team evidently did.

Hello and invited to nan OBO of nan first crippled of nan Super Eights successful this T20 World Cup. Pakistan are connected nan level location contempt nan timings of this fixture being earmarked by nan ICC for subcontinent premier clip time. That tells you thing – cipher really expected nan US to still beryllium up and running, but that they are, and they’ve been 1 of nan astir breathtaking teams to watch successful nan tournament. Swatting speech Canada, holding their nervus against Pakistan and moreover causing a fewer wobbles successful nan mighty Indian batting statement up.

South Africa are their opponents today, nan Proteas person won each of their games… but not without incident. Having played 3 of their 4 matches connected nan tricksy New York wicket they’ve had a fewer scares on nan way. Reduced to 12 for 4 hunting down 104 against nan Dutch, winning by conscionable 4 runs against Bangladesh and even squeakier – by a azygous tally – against Nepal.

The Antigua transportation should suit nan batters a spot more, but will by nary intends beryllium a road. Let’s dream for a cracker to get nan adjacent shape of nan tourney started.

Play originates successful conscionable complete half an hr – 10:30am section time/ 3.30pm BST. If you are tuning successful past do consciousness free to driblet maine a statement – connected Email aliases @Jimbo_Cricket.

Source theguardian