We are the most important voters in British politics. With four weeks to go, this is what we think

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As galore arsenic 15% of British voters are still undecided astir who to ballot for. How they dress up their minds will person seismic consequences for nan UK’s governmental early – truthful nan Guardian has spoken to a scope of undecided voters from crossed nan country. In nan first of this series, we perceive really they are grappling pinch their decision, and really they’re responding to nan campaign truthful far.

‘I can’t ideate ever voting Tory again’: Barry Long, 63, schoolhouse caretaker, Hove

Barry Long

For astir of my life, I’ve been a Conservative voter. My views astir intimately align pinch a centre-right party, but I simply nary longer recognise today’s Tory party. The statement has behaved disgracefully successful caller years: it is now abundantly clear location is 1 group of rules for them, and different for nan remainder of us. The measurement they person criminalised morganatic protest successful this state is disgusting. And to my mind, Conservative ministers are not fresh to necktie their ain shoelaces, fto unsocial tally nan country.

Never is simply a agelong time, but I can’t ideate ever voting Tory again – not unless they person a complete alteration of mindset. But wherever my ballot will now spell is different question. I can’t spot myself turning red. I spot Keir Starmer arsenic a spot useless. He’s different yes man who seems to spell whichever measurement nan upwind is blowing. I’m what you mightiness telephone an ecowarrior – nan situation is very important to maine – and I was dreadfully disappointed by Labour scaling backmost its £28bn greenish pledge.

The Lib Dems should beryllium my earthy home, but who moreover is Ed Davey? I cognize thing astir his policies – nan only point I cognize astir him is he’s not very bully astatine paddleboarding. The Green statement is looking appealing, though successful a two-horse title nationally, it feels a shame to “waste” my vote. I wasn’t successful favour of nan Greens successful my section elections – they were anti-car and I thrust for work. But compromises are going to person to beryllium made to tackle ambiance change.

  • As told to Lucy Pasha-Robinson

‘I don’t deliberation I could support immoderate statement that said they’d raise taxes’: Rifat Mirza, 51, childminder, Galashiels, Scottish Borders

Rifat Mirza

In 2019, I voted for nan SNP. I liked Nicola Sturgeon, I thought she handled nan Covid pandemic admirably and she was a safe brace of hands. Now I’m not judge wherever my ballot will go. I’m not a very governmental person. I cognize successful England a batch of group will beryllium voting Labour. But I’m going to hold and spot earlier I perpetrate my ballot to a party.

What I want is existent change. The costs of surviving has been punishing here. I’m a childminder who looks aft children nether nan property of 3 from my home. The costs of operating person gone done nan roof, from nutrient prices to heating bills to location maintenance. But location is nary authorities thief for group for illustration maine moving successful early years.

I’ve been doing my nutrient shopping astatine Aldi, trying to fund arsenic champion I can. Healthy nutrient has sewage truthful expensive, truthful I bargain it reduced now. Junk nutrient is inexpensive and ever connected offer, but not nan patient stuff. I can’t spend to spell connected holiday. I’m joined pinch 3 grownup children and utilized to return 2 weeks disconnected each twelvemonth to walk clip pinch family. But I don’t deliberation I’ll beryllium capable to person a break this summer. I besides interest astir really my kids will beryllium capable to get connected nan lodging ladder and clasp down a owe successful this economy.

The NHS successful Scotland functions well, but we still person precocious waiting lists – group are conscionable not being seen arsenic quickly arsenic they should, which needs to change. My hubby had to spell overseas for an cognition aft waiting for 2 years. But I’m not truthful worried astir backing for nationalist services here, because Scotland feels much sheltered than nan remainder of nan UK.

I suppose I will take betwixt SNP and Labour. But nary of nan main parties are really speaking to maine yet. People are not happy pinch this government, myself included. What is location to beryllium happy about? Tax, immigration? I do consciousness taxes connected moving group are excessively high; we should beryllium capable to support much of what we earn. I don’t deliberation I could support immoderate statement that said they would raise taxes.

  • As told to Lucy Pasha-Robinson

‘There’s a deficiency of accountability successful safe seats’: Alice Brown, 36, financial management, Liverpool

Alice Brown

I unrecorded successful a safe Labour seat, truthful it’s improbable my ballot will matter. Without immoderate due competition, nan section Labour statement has go embedded successful factional authorities astatine nan disbursal of section people.

On a nationalist level, while I for illustration Keir Starmer, I’ve go concerned astir his deficiency of committedness to nan ambiance situation and his weakness connected Gaza. I expected a quality authorities lawyer to person much backbone.

In caller years, nan government had to intervene astatine Liverpool metropolis council by sending successful civilian servants from London to show them really to efficiently tally a council. There seems to beryllium a chopped a deficiency of accountability successful areas that are “safe” seats. If I ballot for a statement that isn’t Labour, possibly it’ll springiness them a nudge to retrieve that Liverpool deserves better.

The watering down of ambiance policies is worrying – arsenic personification who useful successful financial services, you only person to travel nan money to understand really superior this is. Most finance decisions are now based connected ambiance modelling to protect semipermanent returns. I can’t understand really it isn’t being fixed higher priority.

I utilized to deliberation Labour would beryllium nan statement of alteration and action, but successful my acquisition it hasn’t been nan case. I won’t beryllium voting for nan Conservatives aliases nan Reform statement arsenic I’m ideologically opposed to both, which leaves a prime betwixt nan Greens aliases nan Lib Dems. My existent reasoning is that a ballot for nan Greens is nan champion shape of protestation arsenic they outperform nan Lib Dems successful my constituency.

‘People are voting to debar nan Tories, not to support Labour’: Anthony Cusack, 37, wellness work management, Cardiff

Anthony Cusack

I americium a joined begetter of two, and I’ve ever voted for leftwing parties – my voting grounds has been a operation of Labour, Green and Plaid Cymru. I’ve worked arsenic a physio for nan NHS for astir of my profession and person precocious moved into management.

The deficiency of a typical strategy successful this state makes this predetermination truthful difficult. So galore group look to beryllium voting to debar nan Tories alternatively than to support Labour. Nationally, nan campaigning feels very overmuch for illustration a triumph parade for Starmer. It feels arsenic if Ed Davey is trying to transmission a ziplining Boris Johnson circa 2012, and Rishi Sunak is connected his own.

Disappointingly, location has been very small section campaigning successful Cardiff North. I saw Labour canvassing during nan schoolhouse tally but thing else. For me, nan large issues are nationalist assemblage funding, devolution and, internationally, a party’s position connected Gaza, nan situation and nan electoral system. I’m still undecided because I consciousness arsenic if I’d only beryllium voting to make judge nan Tories don’t win, but that feels for illustration a foregone conclusion.

I’m apprehensive astir Labour. How supportive is it going to beryllium of nan Welsh administration? Wales suffers from obscure backing rules that don’t impact Scotland and Northern Ireland successful nan aforesaid way, HS2 being nan premier example. I’m besides still not convinced complete its position connected Gaza. There are affirmative noises astir nan authority of nan world criminal tribunal but this doesn’t consciousness patient enough. I’d for illustration to perceive it travel down much firmly successful guidance to Netanyahu.

Labour’s stance connected elections has ever concerned me. Its staunch guidance to electoral pacts connected grounds of fairness to voters while opposing proportional practice feels contradictory. Ynys Môn is an fantabulous example, wherever a refusal to activity pinch different leftwing parties has resulted successful a predominantly leftwing constituency being represented by a Tory.

The Greens and Plaid make immoderate bully noises, and person antecedently allied successful Cardiff. I’m not sold connected afloat independency for Wales, though it doesn’t look for illustration Plaid will beryllium contesting Cardiff North. I person voted Plaid astatine each Senedd predetermination since I’ve moved here, and voted Green successful 2015 because of their pro-EU and biology stance. So for maine it seems to beryllium a two-horse race: Labour aliases Green.

Mary Isokariari.

My voting shape has changed complete nan years. At times, I’ve voted tactically to footwear nan main statement out. Last clip I voted for nan Liberal Democrats but this clip I don’t cognize wherever my ballot will go.

I’m 1 of nan millions of people caught up successful nan cladding scandal aft nan Grenfell Tower tragedy. It’s been astir 4 years since my neighbours and I started fighting to get an ESW1 (fire information report) carried retired connected our building to find whether nan cladding is combustible and if immoderate remedial activity is required. As a result, I haven’t been capable to remortgage pinch different lender and person had to judge paying a overmuch higher liking rate.

The Conservatives haven’t done thing to thief group for illustration maine who are trapped successful this situation. Rising work charges, mixed pinch precocious security costs for buildings pinch cladding and expanding rents for shared owners, are financially crippling leaseholders. Property guidance companies are getting distant pinch providing shoddy services.

I haven’t seen immoderate campaigning successful my area yet, but it will beryllium absorbing to spot what nan governmental parties see successful their manifestos. The building information crisis has been sidelined for truthful long, and I want to spot this treated arsenic a priority, but this was ignored by Sunak and Starmer successful their ITV statement connected Tuesday.

Ultimately, I’ve mislaid religion successful Labour and nan Conservatives, who some look to beryllium many times getting it wrong. Sunak is retired of touch and does not understand nan struggles of mean people. In nan costs of surviving crisis, group are struggling. The NHS is severely underresourced and nether pressure.

Starmer’s stance towards nan warfare successful Gaza has resulted successful a immense nonaccomplishment of support for Labour. His comments connected Israel having nan correct to take sides itself were shocking to me. He denounced nan actions of Hamas but not nan actions of Israel successful Palestine. In addition, nan caller curen of Diane Abbott and Faiza Shaheen has caused respective councillors to resign from nan party. I don’t understand what Starmer is doing – he must cognize that each this could power group to ballot for different parties.

‘The Greens should beryllium my earthy home, but I can’t ballot for them’: Jennie Brown, 56, retired, Perth

Jennie Brown

During my moving life, I person been a younker worker, a organization worker, a further acquisition lecturer, a lawyer and a carer, mounting up my ain agency to guarantee my mother, who had dementia, received decent care. All of nan supra has informed what I americium looking for from our adjacent government.

At nan moment, I despair. I americium unsure wherever to spell pinch my vote. I person ne'er voted Conservative and americium improbable to do truthful astatine nan moment, fixed nan acquisition of nan past 14 years and their proposals for nan future. In nan past, I person been a Labour voter, but I don’t spot their rightward drift and political infighting.

In Scotland, location is besides nan independency statement to return into account. At nan past predetermination I voted SNP, arsenic I felt it had a amended position connected nan issues facing group here. I have, however, been sorely disappointed successful its capacity and its responses to issues related to poverty, health, acquisition and discussions astir women’s authorities and gender – rather isolated from nan soul mudslinging.

The Green party could and should beryllium my earthy location pinch their attraction connected nan ambiance catastrophe, but their stance connected activity and gender, arsenic good arsenic a wide deficiency of professionalism, means, that I cannot ballot for them. The Liberal Democrats mislaid my spot erstwhile they went into conjugation pinch nan Tories and betrayed young group by hiking up tuition fees.

Realistically, I americium somewhat stuck. I want to ballot for a statement that prioritises caring for those pinch less; that recognises that definite groups successful nine get a worse deal, truthful nan attraction must beryllium connected creating opportunities for change; that understands nan ambiance catastrophe is now upon america and needs urgent action; and a leader who has nan spot and interest to guidelines up and beryllium counted erstwhile atrocities are committed, wherever they are. Certainly, nan 2 main parties do not meet these requirements, and yet 1 of them will shape nan adjacent government. Therefore, I person to attraction locally connected nan group who are looking for my ballot and inquire what their positions are connected each of nan above.

So acold I person had 1 leaflet done nan door. I person been looking for immoderate hustings successful my area truthful that I tin put my questions to candidates. I person recovered nothing. I have, however, written to imaginable candidates and will be immoderate meetings advertised. In this area, nan ballot is realistically betwixt nan SNP and nan Liberal Democrats, truthful I await their responses – and will proceed to show nan nationalist positions, too.

‘Labour won’t talk astir nan climate’: Ian Birch, 65, retired IT professional, Cheshire

Ian Birch

I’m a tactical voter, successful nan past swinging betwixt nan Liberal Democrats and Labour. In 2019, I voted for nan Lib Dems, who are much successful statement pinch my views. This clip round, Labour seems to consciousness it has to talk astir not spending money successful bid to get elected, which I understand – but it is not pushing what it is going to do. It won’t talk astir nan climate. And truthful I can’t springiness it my vote.

Since 2018, I’ve felt nan ambiance situation is nan azygous astir important point we request to activity connected arsenic a country, but I don’t spot immoderate of nan awesome parties saying very overmuch astir it astatine all. The Tories are beautiful overmuch climate-deniers astatine this shape – they look to deliberately beryllium doing things that make things worse. There’s a awesome communicative location that Labour could beryllium telling connected nan opportunities for taking a greenish modulation seriously. It needs to admit that nan faster and harder we get going connected this, nan better. The Lib Dems person bully ambiance policies if you activity them, retired but not arsenic bully arsenic nan Greens. But it’s difficult to find accusation astir different parties.

I’m a reasonably well-off pensioner, truthful I’m not bothered astir policies aimed astatine my generation. But I’d support a means-tested taxation break for pensioners.

The Conservatives are very hard-hearted. It’s each good and bully to beryllium economy-focused and deliberation that maturation drives everything, but it intelligibly doesn’t trickle down and they person nary reply to that. The thought that everyone who is struggling financially is lazy is some morally and factually wrong.

I’m torn. I don’t deliberation nan state tin grip different Tory government, truthful I cognize yet I’ll person to ballot to get them out. But if I had to ballot today, I don’t cognize what I’d do. The constituency I unrecorded successful is beautiful solidly Labour, truthful I mightiness ballot Green.

  • As told to Lucy Pasha-Robinson

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