Wendell Pierce alleges he was denied rental apartment because he is Black

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The Tony Award victor Wendell Pierce has alleged that he was denied a rental flat successful New York’s historically Black Harlem vicinity because he is Black.

“Racism and bigots are real”, the character posted connected X this week. “There are those who will do thing to destruct life’s travel for Black folks. When you contradict our individual experiences, you are arsenic vile and despicable.”

The 58-year-old character said that he felt “righteous anger” astir his treatment.

“I’m connected 2 TV series, ELSBETH and RAISING KANAN. I’m filming SUPERMAN. Two years ago, I vanished nan 4th play of JACK RYAN. Last twelvemonth I vanished a tally connected Broadway successful DEATH OF A SALESMAN. Even pinch my impervious of employment, slope statements and existent property holdings, a achromatic flat proprietor DENIED my exertion to rent nan apartment…..in Harlem, of each places,” he wrote.

In an question and reply pinch CNN, Pierce went connected to explicate that he had taken a comparative who precocious graduated from Howard University flat hunting “to make judge he sewage a decent flat and I was backing him up”.

But moreover aft offering nan unnamed landlord a year’s rent successful advance, he was denied connected nan technicality that arsenic an character he could not show “steady, accordant employment”.

“I realized nan exertion was designed that measurement to beryllium discriminatory,” Pierce said successful nan interview, explaining that he “wanted to show nan damaging affects of erstwhile bigotry is memorialized successful law”.

Pierce – who starred arsenic nan Baltimore constabulary detective William “Bunk” Moreland successful The Wire and arsenic CIA lawman head James Greer successful Jack Ryan – for 4 seasons, later said he had brought up nan acquisition only “as an illustration of nan insidious quality of bigotry”.

In May, New York’s governor, Kathy Hochul, lit nan Empire State Building to commemorate nan 56th day of nan Big Apple’s Fair Housing Act and reaffirmed nan state’s committedness to combatting lodging discrimination.

Hochul said that New York “faces nan astir dire lodging situation successful a generation” and that she was reaffirming nan state’s “commitment to rooting retired bias and favoritism successful housing”.

Last year, nan New York mayor, Eric Adams, pledged to ace down connected landlords and brokers who cull flat applicants based connected really they salary nan rent.

But nan metropolis has delayed nan implementation of an enforcement scheme and slashed backing for a programme meant to extremity lodging discrimination.

According to Gothamist, there are roughly 11,000 households surviving successful metropolis shelters that suffice for rental assistance vouchers but cannot find apartments.

The comments from Pierce drew guidance online. One X user commented: “the denial of lodging pinch your evident qualifications was bad enough, but for this to hap successful harlem is nan icing connected nan cake. I’m sorry you’ve been truthful straight affected by this surgery system.”

Pierce, a autochthonal of New Orleans, won a Tony grant arsenic a theatrical shaper successful 2012 for Clybourne Park. He was besides nominated much precocious for nan champion character Tony and Laurence Olivier awards for his domiciled successful Death of a Salesman.

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