When even Surrey’s middle classes are this angry with the Tories, you know it’s all gone wrong for Sunak | John Harris

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To understand nan meltdown nan Conservative statement faces, you do not person to spell excessively acold from Westminster. A short hop connected a commuter train will do it – retired into nan suburbs and towns of nan location counties, mostly still understood arsenic true-blue heartlands but now afloat of a substance of uncertainty, unease and anger that seems to person drastically shaken those age-old loyalties.

Last week, I was successful Godalming successful Surrey, represented for almost 20 years by Jeremy Hunt, nan Tory leader who has held 4 furniture posts since 2010 and is now somewhat desperately trying to punctual his colleagues of nan value of nan centre crushed of politics. Life location looked mostly easy: a seemingly bustling precocious street, enviably ample houses and nan consciousness of a area of nan state small utilized to governmental ruptures. To people nan 80th day of D-day, nan section shops were draped pinch an array of European flags; nan segment successful beforehand of maine seemed to crystallise nan very English affluence that fosters calm and endless continuity.

But things present are connected nan move. Ten years ago, Hunt won a majority of astir 30,000; now, arsenic nan Lib Dems talk up their chances, moreover he says nan caller spot of Godalming and Ash is connected a “knife-edge”. Hunt has reportedly donated much than £100,000 of his ain money to section Conservative run funds. Energetic section activists progressive pinch nan left-leaning unit group Compass – drawn from a scope of non-Tory parties and now successful positions of section powerfulness – person agelong extolled nan wonders of some tactical voting and nan benignant of cross-party practice that now ties together nan conjugation that runs nan borough assembly and spans nan Lib Dems, Greens, Labour and section independents. A decade ago, 53 of its seats were taken by Tories; now that number has crashed to 10.

One truth supra each others explains what whitethorn hap present connected 4 July. Back successful 2016, Godalming was portion of an area wherever astir 60% of voters backed remain. It is not nan benignant of spot wherever group enthuse astir Nigel Farage and wring their hands astir migration and “small boats”. Its ascendant mediate people is educated, outward looking and fuller than ever of nan values that specify nan superior metropolis wherever truthful galore section group make their surviving – blimpish pinch a mini “c”, perhaps, but besides discernibly modern. What really runs deep, moreover, are shared ideals astir business and success, which surely guidelines successful crisp opposition to a ruling statement now defined by incompetence, dogma and nan dire economical results of our exit from nan EU.

Outside nan section branch of Caffè Nero, everything became clear successful nan people of a 15-minute conversation. Next to their mud-encrusted upland bikes, 4 sixtysomething men were nursing their espressos and level whites, and erstwhile I asked them astir nan election, they could hardly incorporate themselves. They said successful nan assured tones of group utilized to chairing meetings and networking pinch clients, but everything they said was changeable done pinch a heavy consciousness of loss.

“Jeremy Hunt is simply a very, very bully MP for this district,” said 1 of them. “But I person a awesome rumor pinch him successful that cipher seems to beryllium talking astir nan awesome issue, which is Brexit. Every leader is denying that, and that’s why I can’t ballot for him.”

I wondered if he had voted Conservative successful nan past. “Always,” he said, and he past told maine a elemental story. “I person a section business. Market research. Ten years ago, 40% of our clients were European. We now person nary European clients. It’s conscionable seen arsenic not due for European companies to usage a British supplier.”

He said he was going to ballot Lib Dem, “just to springiness Jeremy Hunt a spot of a shock”. One of his friends – different lifelong Tory – exasperatedly ran done a fewer of our caller premier ministers, starting pinch David Cameron: “Once we had nan referendum, he conscionable buggered off. Theresa May was doing nan very champion she could. But Johnson was conscionable a charlatan. A liar.” Another said he would ballot Labour, because he wanted “a caller procreation of politicians – it’s clip for nan dormant wood to go”.

These are very acquainted opinions. Over nan past 10 years aliases so, I person heard them from group successful specified aged Tory redoubts arsenic Guildford, Maidenhead and High Wycombe, and successful nan comfortable suburbs of Cheshire and Greater Manchester. They person been reflected successful seemingly endless byelection results and successful 1 assembly title aft another. Now, arsenic this unusual and surreal predetermination run takes shape, nan aforesaid views are defining a increasing subplot astir what immoderate group telephone nan bluish wall: seats crossed nan southbound of England – and beyond – now abruptly being eyed by some nan Lib Dems and Labour.

But this communicative is not conscionable astir nan Conservative party. A batch of it centres connected a modern mediate people still often thought of arsenic reactionary and illiberal but that is really worldly, worried astir nan ambiance situation and infuriated by Brexit. It is besides astir a chunk of nan English constitution that has wholly mislaid touch pinch nan group and places it still thinks it speaks for. If nan adjacent week sees Reform UK overtake nan Conservative statement successful nan polls, nan siren voices gathered astir nan Mail, Telegraph and GB News will presumably insist that nan reply lies successful much populism and shrillness, and immoderate deranged governmental realignment whereby Faragism will travel to specify nan Tory soul, overmuch arsenic Donald Trump has taken complete nan Republican party. But that measurement lies extinction, decidedly arsenic a unit that aspires to power. England is not America. Surrey surely isn’t.

Still, nan Tory pantomime that has estranged specified a immense portion of nan party’s aged guidelines looks group to transportation on. The arrant stupidity of Rishi Sunak’s early departure from Normandy past week laic successful really it was guaranteed to enrage some parts of his party’s crumbling electoral coalition; they spat feathers successful Stoke-on-Trent, but they were besides livid successful nan south-eastern commuter belt. Meanwhile, voters who erstwhile saw nan Tories arsenic nan statement of business, stableness and basal economical consciousness now behold thing utterly different – a motley unit of reckless ideologues who will respond to conclusion by moving moreover further to nan right. Such is 1 of modern history’s astir mind-boggling turnabouts: nan self-styled heroes and buccaneers of 2019 abruptly revealed arsenic hopeless lemmings, glorying successful their ain encroaching irrelevance.

  • John Harris is simply a Guardian columnist

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