Who are the wealthy climate sceptics funding rightwing UK politics?

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A number of able ambiance sceptics are giving backing to Nigel Farage’s Reform UK, rightwing Conservatives, and nan ambiance science-denying thinktank nan Global Warming Policy Foundation. But who are they and really are they linked?

The biggest philanthropist to nan Reform statement this twelvemonth is nan shipping magnate Terence Mordaunt, nan caput of First Corporate Shipping. His individual company, Corporate Consultants Ltd, has fixed £200,000 to Reform complete nan past 12 months. He was antecedently chair of nan Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) and is now a trustee.

Reform was formerly known arsenic nan Brexit statement and is nan 3rd highest polling governmental party, aiming to triumph complete rightwing voters who are disenchanted pinch nan Tories. It states on its website: “Net zero intends reducing man made CO2 emissions to extremity ambiance change. It can’t. Climate alteration has happened for millions of years, earlier man made CO2 emissions, and will ever change. We are amended to accommodate to warming, alternatively than dress we tin extremity it. Up to 10 times much group dice of acold than warmth.” The party advocates for scrapping nett zero targets and expanding fracking and caller atomic power.

The GWPF is nan thinktank group up by nan erstwhile Conservative chancellor Nigel Lawson successful 2009. Since then, it has released reports claiming rising c dioxide levels are bully for humanity, and opposed ambiance action. Though Mordaunt has not made galore nationalist proclamations connected ambiance science, he said erstwhile joining nan GWPF successful 2017: “I americium delighted to proceed my support for nan GWPF which has brought overmuch needed rigour into nan ambiance debate.” His donations could shed immoderate ray connected his views; his institution besides donated £100k to Vote Leave successful 2016.

Mordaunt is also, according to DeSmog, a important philanthropist to nan Conservative party, having donated £34,600between 2003 and 2009, according to electoral registry data. His companies person besides donated astatine slightest £135,000 to nan statement since 2008, including a £25,000 aid successful 2017.

Another able philanthropist to Reform is Jeremy Hosking, who has much than £100m invested successful fossil substance interests. To date, Hosking has donated £1,578,000 to nan rightwing party. Hosking told nan Guardian: “The fossil substance investments are/were made by Hosking Partners Llp connected behalf of its organization clients. I judge my donations to Reform were successful 2019 erstwhile that statement was campaigning arsenic nan Brexit party. But I don’t deliberation they had a nett zero argumentation astatine that time.”

Meanwhile, an investigation by nan Democracy for Sale newsletter has recovered that Jon Moynihan, a Conservative philanthropist who has fixed much than £700,000 to nan Tories and was fixed a peerage by nan ex-prime curate Liz Truss, is besides making donations to nan GWPF.

Moynihan, who was chair of nan Vote Leave run during nan Brexit referendum, has fixed £25,000 to GWPF since 2018; GWPF does not uncover its donors and Moynihan, who made nan donations done his instauration Moynitrust, has not been reported arsenic a GWPF philanthropist before.

The Tory adjacent Lord Nigel Vinson was besides connected to Liz Truss, and personally supported Truss’s activity bid pinch a £5,000 aid successful 2022. The caller investigation has revealed that Vinson has fixed £9,000 to GWPF since 2019.

The Tory adjacent Michael Hintze, who has fixed much than £4.8m to nan Conservatives, is besides a GWPF donor. He has donated to nan power secretary, Claire Coutinho, who has lambasted Labour’s plans to extremity North Sea lipid and state extraction and criticised “net zero zealots”. He has besides fixed a gift to Kemi Badenoch, who has said nett zero could “bankrupt” nan UK.

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Peter Geoghegan, from Democracy for Sale, said: “The GWPF refuses to state its donors but our investigation has recovered that nan astir salient look of ambiance alteration denial successful Britain is being bankrolled by Conservative donors pinch seats successful nan House of Lords, including 1 appointed successful Liz Truss’s arguable resignation honours list.

“That GWPF is being funded by Tory peers and has adjacent ties to Nigel Farage’s Reform UK goes to show really ambiance denying money is influencing our politics.”

Mordaunt declined to comment. Hintze, Vinson and Moynihan did not respond to requests for comment.

Source theguardian