Why do I keep falling in love with totally unavailable people?

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The mobility I’m astatine my wit’s end. I’m a 50-year-old cheery man and I’m successful a happy, semipermanent relationship. But I’ve fallen successful emotion pinch a joined consecutive feline 10 years my junior. He’s a caller workfellow astatine work. We get connected good and person struck up a companionable moving relationship, but my feelings for him person go deeper – and it’s agony.

I’m not an idiot. He’s joined pinch young children and I cognize thing is going to happen. I don’t deliberation I’d moreover want it to, but I conscionable can’t extremity nan strength of my feelings for him. He’s a kind, thoughtful man, which someway makes it worse. I couldn’t carnivore it if he recovered retired I was secretly harbouring tasteful aliases amorous feelings for him.

This is not nan first clip I’ve done this. Over nan years location person been others that I’ve secretly fallen for, truthful I conjecture it’s a spot of a pattern. The first clip was erstwhile I was astatine schoolhouse astatine 14. I fell successful emotion pinch a friend and my feelings were truthful aggravated I couldn’t show anyone, not moreover him. I couldn’t moreover admit I was cheery astatine that age. This existent crush feels arsenic bad arsenic that. I know this sounds pathetic, but I consciousness perfectly surgery by this. I’d for illustration america to beryllium friends, but really do I extremity emotion suspicious erstwhile he talks and laughs pinch others? How tin I stop emotion these aggravated feelings?

Philippa’s answer One point you mightiness see is to research nan underlying reasons for why you thin to create these aggravated crushes connected unavailable people. It sounds for illustration this has been a shape for you since childhood, truthful knowing nan roots of this behaviour could thief you summation penetration into your psyche. And penetration tin lead to healing. I’m going to propose a fewer reasons that mightiness beryllium nan cause, successful lawsuit immoderate resonate pinch you.

It could beryllium that location successful your infancy and puerility you sewage confused betwixt longing, which is agony, and love, which is bliss aliases astatine slightest comfortable. It sounds for illustration you are a lifelong sufferer of intermittent limerence. Limerence is simply a word coined by Dorothy Tennov successful 1979. It’s erstwhile different patient individuals find themselves successful a monomania for different person, which they mightiness not person expected to hap and erstwhile they retrieve from nan acquisition their lives spell backmost to normal… until nan adjacent time. The acquisition is chopped from elemental intersexual desire – it’s much obsessive.

Remember, this isn’t existent love. It is imaginable this is a hangover from really you learned to connect and enslaved to others erstwhile you were a babe aliases young child. As you person a bully semipermanent narration you must besides person learned really to person patient attachments, too. But it is arsenic though location was personification you erstwhile wanted who you could not have, possibly a nanny aliases carer who left, aliases possibly a neglectful parent. You mightiness beryllium projecting your ain iridescence connected to your “love” entity arsenic though he, and each nan erstwhile objects that caused you to go obsessed, aren’t conscionable people, but gods connected pedestals, and they guidelines successful for a personification from your past. Essentially, location whitethorn beryllium unfinished business from your infancy aliases early puerility that you are trying to reason successful nan coming by longing for thing unobtainable. Perhaps your psyche is saying, possibly this clip I’ll triumph – moreover though your logical aforesaid knows that would beryllium disastrous.

I noticed successful my psychotherapy believe that we humans are susceptible to obsessions and fixations erstwhile we want to distract ourselves from a deeper problem we can’t carnivore to deliberation about. This could beryllium not facing up to a bereavement successful your life, aliases a nonaccomplishment apt to hap soon, aliases it could beryllium that you request to consciousness a deeper relationship pinch yourself and it conscionable seems easier to ache for a deeper relationship pinch an unobtainable other. If location is thing you are not facing up to, sanction it and look it – it won’t beryllium arsenic bad arsenic you think.

When you are capable to create a narrative, it will beryllium easier for you to abstracted nan basal you from your obsession. You do this by watching nan obsessive thoughts and feelings, explaining them to yourself, but not being them. You sound very unsocial pinch these feelings. It is understandable if you don’t want to upset your partner aliases friends pinch them, but do see consulting a therapist. Secrecy tin promote limerence to fester alternatively than fade, and I judge you request to talk astir this.

You are not an idiot, neither are you pathetic. Many people, men and women of each intersexual orientation, suffer from limerence. It will astir apt fade, but much than that and pinch nan correct help, it tin beryllium managed truthful it loses its powerfulness complete you. Recovering from limerence is a process I person been privileged to witnesser respective times.

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Recommended reading: Living pinch Limerence by Dr L and How to Stay Sane by me, which has useful exercises to thief you to train your mind and incorporate your feelings truthful that you tin maestro them, alternatively than them mastering you.

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