Why Labour was wrong to deselect Faiza Shaheen | Letters

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We constitute arsenic London School of Economics professors and colleagues of Dr Faiza Shaheen, 1 of nan UK’s starring experts connected inequality. We person hugely benefited from her semipermanent collaboration pinch nan LSE’s International Inequalities Institute and particularly her activity this past world year, erstwhile she was hired by nan sociology section to thatch postgraduate students connected our flagship MSc inequalities and social science. Faiza utilized her extended campaigning and world experience, some successful nan UK and globally, to supply fantabulous guidance and penetration to our students. Her tolerance and respect for different perspectives and openness to statement was perfectly clear.

We were wholly shocked that personification pinch her outstanding abilities, acquisition and dedication was deselected arsenic parliamentary campaigner for nan Labour statement for Chingford and Woodford Green. The utter disrespect shown to her by nan mode of this deselection, particularly fixed her ain outstanding professionalism, integrity and commitment, was appalling. As colleagues of Faiza, who tin attest astatine first manus to her galore qualities, we are successful an fantabulous position to authorities that she is precisely nan benignant of personification who would beryllium a awesome plus successful nan House of Commons.

Given this unfortunate and mistaken deselection, we therefore fully support her run to tally arsenic an independent campaigner (Interview, 5 June), and dream that she is victorious and will beryllium capable to return her rightful spot astatine the heart of UK public life.
Prof Mike Savage, Prof Suzi Hall, Prof Sam Friedman, Prof Suki Ali
London School of Economics

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