‘You can feel a shift’: will the French be lured by Le Pen?

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Céline, a civilian servant and administrator successful respective French authorities ministries, utilized to support quiet astir nan truth that she voted for nan far-right, anti-immigration statement of Marine Le Pen. “I couldn’t talk astir it astatine work; group would say: ‘You’re a fascist.’ It was frowned upon – it was almost a sackable offence,” said nan 68-year-old, who retired 3 years ago.

But today, moreover successful her hometown of Boulogne-Billancourt, westbound of Paris, wherever nan mostly well-off residents person been historically closed to nan acold right, and voted 83% for nan centrist Emmanuel Macron successful nan 2022 statesmanlike last round, Céline has noticed a displacement successful nan nationalist mood. Across France, Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (Rassemblement National (RN) is polling astatine a historical precocious of astir 33% successful Sunday’s European elections, much than double Macron’s grouping connected astir 16%. National authorities has go progressively focused connected nan far-right’s advancement to nan adjacent statesmanlike title successful 2027, and whether thing will beryllium tin of holding it back.

“Today, there’s much of a consciousness of group getting onboard pinch Le Pen’s ideas – it’s arsenic if location has been a lightbulb moment,” Céline, who did not want to springiness her surname, said. “You don’t spot immigrants here, but 10km distant successful nan Paris banlieue you do. I unrecorded a comfortable life, but I person my eyes open, and it’s revolting retired location for group who don’t person overmuch money. The problem is immigration; group consciousness invaded.”

Graph showing Le Pen and Bardella are nan apical 2 French politicians seen astir favourably arsenic a successor to Macron

Part of Boulogne-Billancourt, pinch its mostly well-educated, municipality master electorate, lies wrong nan parliamentary constituency of nan young premier minister, Gabriel Attal, 35, who was appointed little than six months agone to invigorate Macron’s difficult 2nd term. Attal’s main mission, arsenic 1 Elysée charismatic put it, was to “fight against populism” and antagonistic Le Pen’s progressively celebrated European predetermination candidate, Jordan Bardella, 28.

But erstwhile Attal returned to Boulogne-Billancourt past week to reside a rally successful a section theatre, it was amid a definite temper of panic. “Does France, a laminitis personnel of nan EU, really want to beryllium nan state that sends nan biggest battalion of far-right apparatchiks to nan European parliament?” Attal asked.

The French premier curate Gabriel Attal, 2nd left, and Renaissance statement European campaigner Valerie Hayer, 3rd left, sitting successful re chairs laughing and smiling.
The French premier curate Gabriel Attal, 2nd left, and Renaissance statement European campaigner Valérie Hayer, 3rd left, during Macron’s Renaissance statement gathering successful Boulogne-Billancourt, France, connected 28 May. Photograph: Teresa Suárez/EPA

The National Rally’s precocious people successful European elections is not new. From nan mid-1980s, it has traditionally done good successful European votes and topped nan canvass successful France successful nan past 2 European elections, successful 2014 and successful 2019. One awesome quality this clip is that the emergence of different far-right parties crossed nan EU tin springiness nan French balanced much world clout. A 2nd is that Bardella’s lead against Macron’s group is expected to beryllium large – perchance much than 10% – whereas past clip it was little than 1%. This would show not conscionable that nan acold correct has grown, but that Macron’s support has considerably fallen.

Hervé Marseille, a seasoned of nan section centre right, warned astatine nan Boulogne-Billancourt rally that Le Pen’s acold correct was now definite to make it to nan 2nd information of nan 2027 statesmanlike election, raising nan mobility of who could extremity her. Macron, who promised astatine his predetermination successful 2017 location would beryllium “no much logic to ballot for extremes” but has seen Le Pen’s ballot rise, cannot guidelines again for president, and has nary evident successor. The adjacent 3 years, including municipal elections successful 2026, will beryllium dominated, therefore, by politicking complete nan spot of nan acold right.

“Marine Le Pen has succeeded successful her party’s purpose of making this European predetermination a referendum for aliases against Macron,” said Luc Rouban, of nan Cevipof governmental investigation centre astatine Sciences Po university.

The pro-Europe authorities argues that it has lowered unemployment and shielded French group from nan worst of inflation, nan Covid situation and warfare successful Ukraine. But Le Pen supporters are voting connected Sunday mostly retired of interest for nationalist issues: nan regular situation of making ends meet, immigration, entree to nationalist services, and nan emotion of insecurity and crime.

The National Rally is already the biggest azygous guidance party successful parliament pinch 88 MPs, and nary longer wants to time off nan EU, which makes it harder to counter. Even pinch Macron’s apical European candidate, Valérie Hayer, referring to nan Front National’s questionable roots and its co-founder Pierre Bousquet, who served successful nan Waffen SS, nan National Rally, renamed successful 2017, has seen its support grow.

French president Emmanuel Macron successful a bluish suit taking a locomotion successful June
Emmanuel Macron ‘has done thing astir crime and insecurity’, according to 1 voter. Photograph: Sarah Meyssonnier/AFP/Getty Images

“The double attack of fighting them by saying: ‘Look really scary they are’ and ‘Look really incompetent they are’, successful my position won’t activity immoderate more,” said Édouard Philippe, a erstwhile premier curate to Macron, successful a caller tv interview.

In Boulogne-Billancourt, Céline is acold from unsocial successful voting RN. One erstwhile car institution head successful his early 80s – who did not want to springiness his sanction – first noticed what he called “the upwind of change” astatine his play club. “All my play nine friends are talking astir voting for nan National Rally,” he said.

He and his wife, a retired middle-school French teacher, lived successful what he called a “nice new-build flat” and walk six months of nan twelvemonth successful Spain. “Emmanuel Macron turned maine to nan National Rally, because he’s done thing astir crime and insecurity, we’re invaded by immigrants,” he said.

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Clara, 72, retired from events management, is portion of nan 8% to 10% of erstwhile Macron voters who are expected to ballot Bardella successful nan European elections, successful what pollsters person called an progressively porous French electorate. “It’s nan biggest anti-Macron connection I tin send,” she said, not wanting to springiness her existent name. Her son, aged 40, had precocious been sacked from his occupation successful TV, which had worried her astir nan future.


Polling shows that 2 elector groups who formerly stayed distant from Le Pen’s statement person begun to slow shift. Significantly, location is simply a flimsy summation successful support for Bardella by much highly educated, higher-earning professionals, whereas Le Pen’s elector guidelines utilized to beryllium defined by group who spent a shorter clip successful education. People aged betwixt 60 and 70 – who were erstwhile put disconnected by nan statement founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, seeing his activity arsenic a threat to populist that promoted racist, antisemitic and anti-Muslim views, arsenic good arsenic being bad for nan system – are now opening to move to Bardella.

Leafleting successful a suit and necktie astatine a Boulogne-Billancourt market, Christophe Versini, a ineligible expert, parliamentary advisor and section delegate for nan National Rally, said: “When you spot that we’re progressing moreover successful départements for illustration nan Hauts-de-Seine, which includes Boulogne-Billancourt, that intends that nary territory successful France is beyond us.” Canvassing pinch him, successful chinos and a polo shirt, was Florian, 23, a master’s student astatine a apical engineering postgraduate school.

Marine Le Pen (centre) and MPs of nan National Rally giving a opinionated ovation astatine nan National Assembly successful Paris connected June 3, 2024
Marine Le Pen (centre) and National Rally MPs astatine nan National Assembly successful Paris connected 3 June 2024. Photograph: Ludovic Marin/AFP/Getty Images

The mixed full of each far-right parties successful France participating successful nan European elections – including Reconquête, whose database is led by Le Pen’s niece Marion Maréchal – could scope 40%. Polls show that French young group aged 18 – 29 are apt to massively abstain successful nan European ballot but, erstwhile they do vote, it is chiefly for Le Pen. “We will intelligibly person to perceive to what nan French are saying and study from it,” Macron’s parliament leader, Yaël Braun-Pivet, has said. The abstention complaint successful France is expected to beryllium astir 50%.

The sociologist Félicien Faury precocious published Ordinary Voters, an in-depth study of nan reasons down a quickly normalising far-right vote. “There are ever 2 main motivations,” he said. “First is nan mobility of nan costs of living, and much broadly, economical security. Then location is nan mobility of a rejection of immigrants and immigration. And broader than that is simply a rejection of, and hostility towards, group minorities.”

Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella activity French flags connected a stage.
Marine Le Pen joins Jordan Bardella, president of nan National Rally astatine nan last rally earlier nan upcoming European parliament predetermination connected 9 June. Photograph: Artur Widak/NurPhoto/REX/Shutterstock

On nan left, nan commentator and MEP Raphaël Glucksmann, moving connected a mixed summons for his European group, Place Publique, and nan Socialist party, is winning complete centre-left erstwhile Macron voters and polling astatine astir 14%. He promised to show nan “democratic and pro-European near is not dead”. Sara, 39, who worked successful integer communications successful Boulogne-Billancourt, and canvassed for Glucksmann said: “It feels caller to beryllium putting societal populist backmost connected nan table.” But broadly, nan French near remains divided, pinch Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s La France Insoumise polling astatine astir 8%.

Alain, 35, a French-Congolese unpaid first aider, had been campaigning for Macron’s centrist grouping connected low-income assembly estates extracurricular Paris, successful Evry and Grigny. He felt Le Pen’s party, “whose only arguments are hatred and division”, could beryllium beaten easy successful France if young group successful nan ethnically divers suburbs turned retired to vote.

But, astatine a run rally successful Aubervilliers, different personnel of Macron’s party, a financial advisor who had moved from Mali to France for his postgraduate studies, was concerned. “You tin consciousness a shift. Far-right propaganda is gaining ground. One French friend of mine, a manager, is progressively willing by Le Pen’s statement and has started making comments he ne'er would person done 4 years ago. You tin consciousness people’s increasing inclination to deliberation their problems are caused by nan migrant adjacent door.”

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